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2nd blogoversary: Changes, chuckles and connections


2 candles for my 2nd blogoversary! Image courtesy of Colossus, Morguefile.

So now I’m into my second year of blogging. This year was more serene than my first year. During my first year, I got Freshly Pressed twice (insanity!) and had some published authors stop by my blog to leave comments. (Here’s an account of my first year in blogging if you want to read it.)

In 2014, I’ll still be doing my usual mix of book reviews, educational posts, comedy and social media commentary, but I have some special events planned which I’ll cover in the blog. I hope you enjoy reading about them.

I’m toying with the idea of making some tweaks to the blog’s appearance. We’ll see.

Throughout 2013, I made a lot of connections with fellow bloggers. (I had so many meetings at Panera and Starbucks; I wouldn’t be surprised if those two businesses had a lot more profit in 2013!) It was fun chatting with other WordPress bloggers, comparing our experiences and discovering how each person approached blogging.

In July, I became a business blogger, ghostwriting two business blogs for a local company. I’m enjoying that as well; it’s a great opportunity to put my Internet marketing knowledge and SEO skills to use.

I’ve found that people seek me out for my advice on their business blogs or personal blogs, when they hear that I’m a blogger. I love to analyze their blogs and offer advice that will help them. (Teaching runs in my family, don’t you know.)

I want to offer thanks to the new blog followers who followed me in 2013. I’ve noticed you and have visited your blogs to see what you’re all about.

Also, thanks to my regular followers too. I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment on my posts, sharing your insights, wisdom and life experiences.

I hope 2014 brings you as much fun and humor as possible. Keep laughing — it’s good for you!


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