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Going to “Austenland,” anybody with me?

Blenheim Palance

Hey, we could use THIS place for our Austenland. Naaahhh….I think it’s already occupied. Blenheim Palace image courtesy of Doctor Bob, Morguefile.

I have to do a little victory dance. Yesterday, I heard of a new movie coming out in September called “Austenland” and I’m definitely putting this movie on my must-see list.

“Austenland” is a romantic comedy featuring a character called Jane Hayes (Keri Russell), who is Austen-obsessed to the zillionth degree, especially concerning Colin Firth’s portrayal of Mr. Darcy. She hears about a British resort called Austenland, run by a Mrs. Wattlebrook (Jane Seymour), where she can immerse herself in the Regency era during her vacation and decides to go. From what I’ve seen of the trailer, it looks good.

The resort is not real (*wistful sigh*), but wouldn’t it be fun if it was? Maybe the movie will be so popular that somebody will create one. Hey, I can dream, right? I’m sure that you bloggers over in the U.K. could probably spare a mansion (or two — the demand would be pretty heavy).

I think it would be enormous fun to live in that era, if only for a week. They’d have to host at least one dinner party, a Venetian breakfast and a ball. Jane Austen’s heroines spent a lot of time going to balls and assemblies.

I’d volunteer to write the guide book. You’d need a little something to understand the rules and traditions, like the law of primogeniture, what being compromised means and duels (only fake bullets allowed, mind you). And there should be a dance class to help us get the moves down.

Maybe the movie will be good; maybe it’ll be cheesy. But it’s going to be fun to find out.


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