Happy 2019, everybody! An update


Where’s the city? Can you guess. Image: Blogger’s own.

Hello, fellow blogging friends. How have you been?

The year 2018 was a very, very, very busy one for the Editor. I’m taking classes in order to achieve a certificate in e-commerce. That occupied a great deal of last year and involved a LOT of homework.

But it was well worth it. I have further improved my expertise in SEO and I got a taste of digital analytics through a beginner’s course. I’m working on a blogging/wiki course right now.

Later on this year, I will take an advanced course in digital analytics. I can’t wait.

I had the chance to go to the CONEX (content experience) marketing conference in a seriously awesome foreign city (hint: see the picture), which was great fun. I met some well-known people in the content marketing world, including author Mitch Joel. Back in 2013, I reviewed his book and he was kind enough to drop by and leave an email. I got to thank him for that in person, and I must say that he is as kind in real life as he was online.

Apart from school, my personal life stayed busy as well. Sadly, we lost some relatives in 2018. 😦 But we also gained some others through babies and weddings. 🙂

I swear, I seriously need a notebook to keep track of everybody. Or a massive flow chart. It’s a common thing to play “Whose kid is that?” at our get-togethers.

I have read some good books, which I’d like to blog about in the future. I’ve also come across some social media gems. Have you ever heard of “It’s a Southern Thing”? I found them through YouTube’s Creator on the Rise section.

They are absolutely hilarious. Enjoy! I’ll do my best to sneak in some blogging time now and then.

Video credit: It’s a Southern Thing, YouTube.


Video credit: It’s a Southern Thing, YouTube.



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