Au jus? Mon ami, write it right!

Dinner plate

Dinner plate image courtesy of mconnors, Morguefile.

Although it’s easy to stumble and trip over errors as you’re writing in English, it gets worse when text is translated from another language into English. The most persistent example that I’ve seen is the French phrase “au jus”. I’ve seen it in books, on menus and even in cooking websites.

Translated literally, “au jus” is French for “with juice”. It refers to the thin sauce created from beef juice. After the beef is cooked, the juice is saved and used as a dipping sauce for sandwiches such as a French dip sandwich (which is quite tasty).

But here’s the problem: Many writers think that “au jus” is a name of its own. So you may see a menu featuring a “French dip sandwich with hot au jus” which translated literally means “French dip sandwich with hot with juice”. Now there’s an extra “with” we could do without. Oui?


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  1. Merci! Finally, someone who gets it. 🙂 I also like your post on typos.


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