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Getting unblocked from writer’s block

Some lucky writers can sit down at their computers and nonchalantly dash off superb prose or advertising copy that needs only minor editing. But the rest of us inevitably go through that frustrating phenomenon known as writer’s block. Writers suffering from this malady are easy to identify: They’re staring at their blank computer screens, muttering dire curses to themselves and watching the cursor on their screens blink on and off…on and off…on and off.

Getting rid of your own writer’s block takes experimentation. For me, it’s simple and it’s easy. Get chocolate…any kind and as quickly as possible.  But there are other solutions:

1. Start typing something (anything!) on the screen, then go back and tweak it.

2. Get a drink of water and think about something else to give the brain a break.

3. Drop-kick the computer over the nearest balcony (make sure that nothing with two or four legs is walking below the balcony) or clobber the computer with a sledgehammer. (Be advised: If you use either of these two cures, you’ll attract some odd looks from management and other staff members.)

But on those occasions that you get writer’s block, consider yourself part of a long and honorable tradition. Mark Twain, Samuel Coleridge, William Faulkner and Dorothy Parker had it, too. I wonder what cures they used?


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