Lights! Camera! Book adaptation!

Bronte sisters

Brontë sisters image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I’m sure we book lovers noticed that this year, quite a few of the Oscar movies came from books. Jane Eyre, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, The Help and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…all of these books got dressed up in their designer finery and sauntered proudly over the red carpet.

What would Charlotte Brontë think if she saw her novel Jane Eyre as a movie today, I wonder? I imagine she’d be pleased enough to waltz around an Assembly Room or two (her era’s version of the happy dance), but we’d blow her mind by explaining the movie itself and all the different versions created by Hollywood and the BBC. After that, there’s YouTube videos with clips from the movie, fanvids, Twitter tweets, Facebook fan pages, TV miniseries and blogs.

And did I also mention the books that her siblings wrote (Wuthering Heights, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall), which were also adapted into movies? It’s a pity Charlotte and her sisters were born in that era. They didn’t have the world’s best home life, so if the Brontës were around today and living on the royalties, we’d probably see them on a reality show in their Hollywood mansion, going shopping on Rodeo Drive and zipping around in Beamers. I wouldn’t blame ’em. Branwell, one of her brothers, would have been in rehab and the star of his own reality show.

All of them would be amazed by the Internet, social media and how information flashes around the world in a few seconds today. And I bet Charlotte would have made a great blogger. (Oh, quit giggling, people. It could happen.)

I believe that the Brontës would be pleased that their novels had such a lasting impact on all of us and have been preserved forever on film. And as a novelist, I think Charlotte would be charmed by my new favorite Oscar-winning short film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. If you missed it, here it is!

Don’t you long to live in that library with Morris? Now, pardon me. I’m off to make friends with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so I can compare it to the movie version.



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2 responses to “Lights! Camera! Book adaptation!

  1. Thank you for posting this lovely film. It has made an instant impact on me.


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