Easter, rebirth and The Secret Garden

Bunny with chocolate

Which egg to eat first? What a dilemma! Image courtesy of jfelias on Morguefile

Every year about this time, I’m hungry to see color outdoors. I get fed up with winter’s dingy grays, browns and tans, and I revel in gardens bursting with colorful, sweet-smelling blooms. I look forward to Easter with its multicolored eggs nestled in Easter baskets, with the chance to nibble on delicious chocolate bunnies and chocolate candy eggs. Oh, yeah. (So, I’m a chocolate addict. Deal with it, people.) 

During spring, I also find myself reading Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic, The Secret Garden. I think this book is symbolic of Easter in a way. Easter means rebirth and Mary Lennox, the book’s heroine, undergoes a transformation from a spoiled, sickly child to a more compassionate human being by bringing a weed-ridden secret garden back to life. The poor kid has it pretty tough — she’s neglected by her parents, they die of cholera in India, she gets shipped off to her uncle in England that she rarely sees, and she struggles a bit until she finds the garden and makes friends.

The book’s been made into a musical and several movies. My favorite version, hands down, is the 1993 version with Kate Maberly as Mary Lennox and John Lynch as Mary’s uncle Archie Craven. This movie does a good job of showing how Mary not only renews herself, but also her garden, her cousin Colin and her uncle Archie Craven. John Lynch has a wonderful line in this movie about bringing his family back to life when he didn’t think it was possible.

So wherever you are, enjoy your Easter. Read The Secret Garden or hop over to the store for some chocolate eggs and bunnies, too!


Image courtesy of jdurham on Morguefile



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4 responses to “Easter, rebirth and The Secret Garden

  1. Jaclyn

    It’s so funny for me to read this post, because you seem to have read my mind. THE SECRET GARDEN is one of my favorite books from childhood and I’ve been craving a re-read lately. (Darn library books keep piling up on me.) I think I know what I’m doing this weekend now…

  2. Happy Easter, Editor! I just re-read this book this year and enjoyed it thoroughly. You picked a perfect reading choice for this early spring.


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