Inspired by YouTube

Video camera

Flip video camera. Image courtesy of jdurham, Morguefile.

People watch YouTube for different reasons. We use it to see first-hand the effects of natural or man-made disasters, to watch our favorite performing artists in concerts, TV shows and movies, or to be amused by the antics of people or animals. Some of us also use YouTube to promote our businesses or educate others.

But my most favorite use of YouTube is for inspirational videos that show me something about humanity. Take the video of British singer Susan Boyle, for example. She walks out onto the stage at the 2009 “Britain’s Got Talent” competition, a plain woman in her late 40s. Immediately, the judges and audience assume the worst, especially after she chats with judge Simon Cowell. Audience members roll their eyes in disgust and say “no way”.

And then Susan begins to sing with that incredible soprano voice she has. She stuns the judges and audience within seconds. Some audience members, to their credit, rally enough to stand up and give her an ovation, even before she finishes singing. This video makes me grin every time because it’s a basic human story of the underdog winning at last, and it’s going to be a long, long time before I tire of watching it.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve watched two amazing and inspirational YouTube videos. The first video shows how much social media has become a part of our daily lives, impacting both our online and offline behavior.

The second video was created by Seattle resident Matt Harding and was recently featured on Yahoo. (To the parents of my younger bloggers, apologies in advance for the “h-word” in the video title. Hey, I didn’t name the video.) Matt’s video makes the excellent point that although we come from different countries and have different beliefs, there are certain common elements that connect us as caring human beings (in this case, dance). His joyful, fun video is, in my opinion, the best possible use of YouTube and social media because it has inspired so many people. (Hey, Matt, need an extra dancer? I’ll be there if you come back this way anytime soon!) In case you missed it on Yahoo last week, here it is. (For best results, enlarge the video and turn on your speakers.)

In the future, I’m hoping that more inspirational videos like these gems appear on YouTube. And I still want to know…how the heck did they get that San Diego seal to dance with Matt?


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18 responses to “Inspired by YouTube

  1. Filipino Festival

    Reblogged this.

  2. A friend on Facebook posted Matt’s video a week ago and I’ve been sending it to all of my friends! It just makes you smile! For some reason, I couldn’t get it to play from your blog. Readers, go to YouTube direct. It’s definitely worth the clicks!

  3. The Matt video is one of my favorites. Made me cry.

  4. I recently discovered Matt. I want to be him!

  5. I also loved the Susan Boyle moment. Have a look at this one. Similar concept and will make you smile for sure. It is wonderful when people’s assumptions are challenged!

  6. Hi, I reblogged these vids in tomorrow’s post. Thanks! Wonderful inspiration.

  7. I love Where the Hell is Matt! It’s really cool. Thanks for sharing it. I cried the first time I watched the Susan Boyle 1st Audition. Yup, there sure is a whole bunch of really cool stuff both on YouTube and here in the world of WordPress. I have had so much fun finding you and others here, I feel connected to the world, via Internet. What a good world this has become.


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