OK, the votes for The Woman In Black are in…

House at night

And yet another house that The Woman In Black could inhabit. Brrrrr…I’ve got goosebumps already! Image courtesy of nazka2002, Morguefile.

…And it looks like more people voted for me to read the Susan Hill book first, and THEN watch the movie. Now that’s what I call interactive blogging. Many thanks to everybody who stopped in and gave his or her opinion.

It was close, though. The “book first” crowd only won by about 3 votes, at the time of this post.

I’m due to get the book soon. I’ve asked for it to be placed on hold at the library and they are going to notify me when it comes in.

I’m wondering how scary the book will be. Will it be completely terrifying, like some Stephen King novels I’ve read and give me the shivers when I go to sleep that night? Or will it be more of a milder jolt? Help…somebody please send me a couple of teddy bears! I may need their comforting company as I read the book. *grins wickedly*

Or chocolate? Please? 😉

I have another literary delight in store for me this weekend as well. A friend of mine loaned me Death Comes To Pemberley by P.D. James. I’m a major Jane Austen fan, but I’ve avoided the fan fiction books so far since it’s my opinion that only Jane Austen writes Jane Austen characters the best. Don’t hate me.

But this is P.D. James we’re talking about, anyway. I am open to Persuasion and have some Great Expectations for this mystery book. I will have to use Sense and Sensibility while reading it and if it gets too scary, take refuge in Northanger Abbey. If I like this book, I’ll read some of the other fanfics without Pride and Prejudice.

(And I couldn’t resist all the literary puns after the idea occurred to me. It was too much fun.)

What’s on your reading to-do list this weekend, blog readers?



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9 responses to “OK, the votes for The Woman In Black are in…

  1. Well, this week’s to-read book will be “In Harm’s Way” by Doug Stanton. But if I don’t like it, I’ll go on to a different book.

  2. I’m in the middle of Water for Elephants. That sounds strange, but you know what I mean! 😉

  3. Nice use of the titles :-). Now I may have to go read one of them again :-). You have me in an Austen mood.

  4. Jed Rubenfeld’s book The Interpretation of Murder is my read for this weekend. It’s great to see that your choice is made for The Woman In Black query and as with any potentially scary read, I’d be greedy and go for both comfort options, chocolate and a teddy bear. 😉

  5. If you get too scared while reading, you’ll have to write another blog and be comforted! I’m scared to read scary books…


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