Freshly Pressed, Part Deux

Party balloons

And the party continues after being Freshly Pressed…again! Image courtesy of lightfoot, Morguefile.

This time, I had some warning. When I got Freshly Pressed for my post about wacky word origins back in June 2012, I only found out about it when I logged into my WordPress account and saw an image of my own blog post staring back at me from my computer screen. I experienced the usual giddy reaction and celebrated with my trademark Diet Pepsi and packet of chocolate pretzel M&Ms. (Mmmmmm. Chocolate.)

When you get Freshly Pressed, WordPress sends you a “brace yourself, it’s coming” e-mail saying that your blog post will appear on Freshly Pressed in the near future. For some reason, I never saw this e-mail in June. Maybe it took a wrong turn and got lost in cyberspace or stopped off for a swim somewhere.

I almost missed the Freshly Pressed e-mail this time. It landed in my spam folder. I looked at it and wondered, “Is this for real?” I checked the sender’s address and it seemed to be legit, so I started glancing at the Freshly Pressed page whenever I logged in. It took a while; I read the e-mail late Tuesday night and my post about funny church stories didn’t appear until Thursday afternoon.

If you haven’t read it yet, please do. Readers contributed several funny church stories of their own, and I will never look at Babybel cheeses, test tubes, rocks or frankincense smoke in the same way. The cheese story is a classic.

It was great fun to be Freshly Pressed…again! I’m still in mild shock: I didn’t think it would happen to me again, so soon. And the interesting thing: three other talented bloggers that I know also appeared on Freshly Pressed recently. What are the odds?

Like the first time, the hits soared, the likes went up, somebody on Twitter sent out a tweet about my post and the number of blog followers rose. Thanks, new followers, for tuning in. I appreciate it!

I’m afraid to go near my e-mail box at the moment. It’s probably ready to explode (SWAT team: Where are you when I need you??!!!). During the June Freshly Pressed, it told me “You have 641 unread e-mails.” AAAHHHH! So I don’t know how many e-mails are sitting there, awaiting my attention, but I’ll get over there eventually. Maybe I need some M&Ms for courage. (*gallops to store to get more chocolate*)

I’m still partying somewhat, but it’s a calmer party this time around since there’s a lot going on in my real life right now. The June Freshly Pressed was more of a high-voltage celebration (think high-energy party with melt-the-walls rock), but the mood for the December Freshly Pressed is more like the gentle tempo of the Shakira video below. Somehow, it expresses perfectly how I feel right now.

Have a good weekend, everybody.



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42 responses to “Freshly Pressed, Part Deux

  1. Impybat

    Wow, congrats, Eagle-Eyed!!

  2. Wow, congratulations. Twice – that is simply awesome!

  3. Part Deux I’ve heard is even better. I’m so glad for you! And I’m not the least bit surprised by your inclusion again. You consistently turn in pieces worth reading.

  4. Congrats and hope your double-pressing is the start of many more, but then there is the downside of all that mail…or is it like a continuous surprise birthday party opening all those email responses?
    Blue Skies,

  5. Your posts are so amusing! Thanks for the chuckle, and congrats on your second Freshly Pressed (obviously you are doing something right, so keep it up!).

  6. Twice? Twice?! Woohoooooooo!!!! Congratulations! I haven’t managed once yet. Sigh.

  7. Congratulations! You have a great blog, so it’s not surprising. How long from when you launched your blog to when you got your first Freshly Pressed feature? Keep up the interesting posts!

    • The first Freshly Pressed happened after six months. I started in January 2012.

      It was a huge surprise to get Freshly Pressed after only six months. I noticed that some bloggers on Freshly Pressed had been blogging for months; others were writing for years. I figured that I’d have to write for years until I got noticed.

  8. Although I’m sure you’re deserving of your awards I chose not to accept or display awards sent to me. I’m not about rewards, personally. When I was a pro photographer publicity was a desired benefit so that I could become known & attract future clients. Now that I’m retired I shoot strictly for my own pleasure. I love to teach so I created my blog to show folks the beautiful Pacific Northwest and help anyone needing guidance with their photography.

    I enjoy your visits to my blog and your candid comments. I don’t think I could handle 600 emails. The incoming mail beep on my iPad sometime gets funny. I’ve gotten accustomed to sleeping with that background sound.

    Thanks for blogging and sharing your thoughts with us. – Bob

  9. Congrats and well deserved!

    They couldn’t let that post slip by – too perfect and the comments, too.

  10. I am so happy for you, Editor. It is so awesome to be Freshly Pressed. Such a high! I’ve experienced this six or seven times over the years and have always been overwhelmed by it. The last time was last spring. Keep sharing your wonderful pieces with us…and guess what?…it may happen again! 🙂

  11. So glad you were Freshly Pressed (again) and I found you. I had a similar experience when it happened to me last summer. I came home from a relaxing weekend camping with my family to find that I had somehow become famous! I actually missed the Freshly Pressed day entirely (the e-mail notice was buried deeply in my spam folder). Like you I responded with a great deal of giddiness, but I didn’t celebrate with M&Ms. I should have. I think I’ll get some now. Congrats!

  12. WOO-HOO!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I suspect I’m just not a freshly-pressed kind of blogger, but congratulations to you, a multi honoree. I feel honored by association. 🙂

  14. I always wondered if it can happen twice, now I know it’s true! Exciting stuff, I’m going to be crossing my fingers it happens to me again. 😛 Congrats.

    • Thank you! I hope you do get Freshly Pressed again. I find your blog to be marvelously entertaining with the great examples of advertising that you put up. I’ve shared several of these examples with family and friends, and they loved them. 🙂

  15. As a recently Freshly Pressed blogger, my head is still reeling from the experience. Fun, but overwhelming. Phew.

  16. Yay!! I say that this wonderful news (& the associated influx of emails) definitely deserves more pretzel M&Ms. Congratulations!!

  17. Congratulations! Hope you had fun with all of those emails! 😉


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