Virtual party at Homefront’s blog tomorrow night! C’mon over!

Aftermath from the first bloggers' party. Image courtesy of macshack, Morguefile.

Aftermath from the first bloggers’ party. Image courtesy of macshack, Morguefile.

UPDATE 12/15/12: Sorry, folks, the party at LouAnn’s blog has been cancelled out of respect to the school shooting in Newtown, CT. I just heard this from LouAnn. If you would like to lend some comfort to the people affected by this tragedy, please send a card to the school at the following address: Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickensen Drive, Newtown, CT, 06482.

The party is being rescheduled for a later time. I’ll let you know.

Those wild and wacky bloggers Robin and LouAnn are at it again! After the fun we had at Robin’s virtual bloggers’ party last month (here are all the details), we’re having another party tomorrow night, December 15.

Robin (of the blog Ink of Me) and LouAnn (of the blog On The Homefront and Beyond) are co-hosts for this event. Virtual music will be provided by Rodents and Rebels (LouAnn’s son performs in this band), plus Margaret Atwood and blogger Vanessa Chapman will be the entertainment. Vanessa, polish up your tassels and get ready. And I hear from Robin’s blog that somebody called crazytraintotinkytown is doing tricks with ping-pong balls and jazz hands.

Bring your favorite virtual appetizer from the 1970s (I’m thinking cheese fondue or chocolate fondue, myself), your favorite song request and a description of what you’ll be wearing to the party (it can be your favorite author or literary character). Robin and LouAnn have also created some fun party events, LouAnn’s renewed her homeowner’s insurance and we’re promised shrimp cocktails and champagne cocktails.

Basically, this is a participation event. All you have to do is swing by LouAnn’s blog on Saturday (please read the party invitation first) and leave a comment. Or you can go by and just read her blog that night or the next day — whatever you’re comfortable with. (I refuse to beg.) The comments that people have written are the funniest part.

Last time, it got pretty crazy. Bloggers were virtually dancing on tables, and there were flamingos, lampshades being hauled off, bean dip in the potted plants and guacamole on Robin’s keyboard. Since I’m the designated sober person for this event (sorry, can’t give up my diet Pepsi), I will do my best to maintain virtual order (“I swear, Officer! I don’t know how the roof blew off, honest!”) and make sure all the bloggers get back home safely.

Have virtual fun! And to get you revved up and in the party mood, check out the Queen video below. It’s got a slow beginning but wait for it. (I would have used Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” to set the party mood, but it’s used at every party.)



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5 responses to “Virtual party at Homefront’s blog tomorrow night! C’mon over!

  1. You are a wonderful friend–as you now know, the party has been cancelled–we all pray for those in Newtown Connecticut and all the parents of the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve already gotten a Blog of the Year 2012, but even if you have, you can get lots of these and each time, you just add another star. So here’s a star for your walk of fame — — on this strange morning.

    • Thank you! I appreciate it.

      Will you and anyone else reading this post and its comments please consider sending a card to Sandy Hook Elementary? We can’t fix this, but maybe we can make them feel a little bit better as they recover.

  3. I see that LouAnn told you we cancelled the party in light of what happened in Connecticut. Someone had the great idea of doing a healing party on New Year’s Eve.


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