Merry Christmas, everybody!


NY Rockefeller Christmas tree

Those New Yorkers really know how to decorate! Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree image courtesy of kconnors, Morguefile.

Hi, people. Ready for Christmas yet? I am, almost. This month, my real life has been something of a whirlwind (it’s a good whirlwind, but it’s too complicated to explain online), so I’ve had to scramble on the weekends to prepare for Christmas. Basically, I whizzed through different stores for gifts, then I got out my Christmas decorations, flung a few of them around, and considered my decorating done. Plus, there’s been three Christmas parties to attend. At one of them, three men dressed up as The Chipmunks, performed a couple of songs and had everybody laughing. (“Alvin? AAALLLLVINNN!”) And we got it on video — YES!!! *does happy dance*

There hasn’t been a whole lot of spare time for reading, but I did get a few books read. I got Jack Kerouac’s On The Road done and also read John Boyne’s The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. I’ll be blogging about Boyne’s book sometime soon, in addition to Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song. In January, I will have my first blogoversary (Wow! How did a year go by so fast?) and I’ve already started writing the post for it.

I’m keeping this post short because I’m sure everybody’s busy with their own activities. I’m including a Christmas present from me to you. It’s a short video from one of my favorite bands, singing an old Spanish carol performed a cappella (without instruments). I hope you like it. Merry Christmas!



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21 responses to “Merry Christmas, everybody!

  1. I love the Monkees!! Thanks for that!! I wish you a very happy holiday and all the best for the new year and your blogoversary!

  2. J. G. Burdette

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I used to rush home from high school to watch the Monkees. The first single I ever bought was “I’m a Believer”.
    I have never heard this….thanks…and have a great Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas! Hope you have some time to relax…

  5. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

  6. Merry Cristmas! Over here, xmas isn’t celebrated that much. But the internet is definitely giving me a Christmas feeling!

  7. Wow, I just got whiplash from getting flung back to my youth. The Monkees…Hey, Hey!

  8. Very nice! Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas to you too!

  10. bobmielke

    That was really a unique song performed by the Monkees. It was beautifully sung. Thank you & Happy New Year! – Bob


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