Preparations under way for the New Year’s Eve bloggers’ party tonight…

Happy New Year! Let's party! Image courtesy of nasirkhan, Morguefile.

Happy New Year! Let’s party! Image courtesy of nasirkhan, Morguefile.

Oh. I’m sorry. Were you talking to me?

I’m in the middle of a cooking frenzy. Bloggers Robin Coyle and Lou Ann are hosting a virtual blogging party over at LouAnn’s blog, On The Homefront And Beyond, for New Year’s Eve, and I’ve prepared a feast. I’m making my tangy meatballs, some cheese fondue with toasted bread cubes for dipping (Okay, okay, I substituted croutons instead. Sue me.), colorful fruit and veggie platters for the healthy-minded, and hummus with pita chips. Yum!

It promises to be a great party. Vanessa Chapman is giving a special guest performance. In fact, she’s done a music video on her own blog with her significant other, Neil, for the party. Please go take a look. I’ll wait.

Okay, back now? LouAnn’s son has a band called Rodents and Rebels, who are also scheduled to perform. I asked if they did requests and submitted mine on LouAnn’s blog.

The original party a couple of weeks ago was postponed out of respect to the town of Newton, CT, so this is our bloggers’ way of bringing in the New Year on a fun note. All you have to do is swing by and leave a positive comment or New Year’s resolution at LouAnn’s blog, or you can just enjoy reading the witty comments.

If you want to contribute some virtual food and drink, that would be kind of you. Others are bringing pork roast, sauerkraut, hot dogs, chocolate, champagne, salmon cream cheese spread and cakes. I’m sure there will be lots of other goodies as well. (I’m craving chocolate truffles. Anybody got some?)

All of this is happening tonight and tomorrow. So if you’re busy tonight, come by at any time New Year’s Day because the party will still be going on. It got wild last time when Robin had the party, but LouAnn says that her homeowner’s insurance is paid up in case we virtually break anything. I’ve notified local law enforcement, who said they will give any overindulging bloggers a free ride back to their own blog homes.

Robin will be easy to find. She’s the one dancing on the table with the lampshade on her head. LouAnn will be greeting guests at the door and I’ll be buzzing back and forth, putting out the food I brought.

Let’s rock! See you over at LouAnn’s! I hope everybody has a healthy, safe and happy 2013.

And to rock in your New Year and get you into the party mood…..


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22 responses to “Preparations under way for the New Year’s Eve bloggers’ party tonight…

  1. Yay! Party time! Thanks for the shout out to my blog too! We had great fun doing that song, in fact we’re hoping others request us to sing at their virtual party too so that we have an excuse to do another song!

  2. Awesome viral spreading the word of our party! I remember those tangy meatballs well. So glad you are making them again. They are a lovely hangover cure the next day.

    Oh, and it is LouAnn’s son who has the band. She warned me to bring earplugs.

  3. Stopping by for some NYE goodies & to share some too. Cheers

    Chuck Berry Rocks – Great choice for a celebration – got me dancing!

  4. This post was better than my invitation–I am glad you are coordinating the food–I am such a klotz in the kitchen. I will only make one correction–Rodents and Rebels is my son’s band (his nickname is Mouse)–thanks so much for getting the word out -we will probably talk a lot more over the next day or so–Rock on

  5. New Year’s Eve has come and gone here in Australia and we are now enjoying the first day of 2013 and it is looking good. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and all is well with the world.

    I have some excellent fruit cake for the party.

  6. I HAD some truffles, but theyโ€™re gone…sorry….awesome post….you guys are FUN!! Have a Happy New Year..and stay off the tabletop……

  7. Samir

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to your witty posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Came back to hear Johnny B Goode this morning–helped bring me out of my stupor and wake me up–ready for brunch?


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