Hey, you! Drop that data and get back here!

Girl with magnifying glasses

“Lie back, relax and think of England. We’ve got your data anyway.” Image courtesy of kakisky, Morguefile.

Sometimes I wonder if certain companies go too far in their never-ending quest for my data. Do they really need to know EVERYTHING about us? Where does privacy begin and nosiness stop? *rolls eyes*

I’m fairly busy in social media now (blogging, Twitter, etc.) and I’ve voluntarily given websites information about my real self in order to use those websites. I am wary, though, about revealing too much about me online because I’ve written so many stories about identity theft. I don’t mind saying a certain amount about myself in blogging, because blogging for me is more about examining my personal reactions to certain books, authors, other bloggers and world events and seeing what other people say about them.

I’m realistic, though. I recognize that companies need to make a living, website owners must verify that people are the right age to be using that website and the data companies collect is used to create advertisements that they think would appeal to me.

In one of my e-mail accounts, I noticed that it puts up ads with content that makes a reference to content that has only appeared in my e-mail. I am resigned to this practice — if memory serves me right, I think it appears within the terms and conditions — but I can’t say that I’m a big fan of it anyway. It feels invasive. I could get rid of that e-mail account, I suppose, but I don’t think I’ll bother. Everybody else is collecting my data when I surf the Web anyway.

I did try some blocking of this data collection once and it rendered my Twitter account unusable. So I had to unblock it. *sighs resignedly*

But I guess the best thing is just to be wary and exercise caution when you put anything online. The Internet never forgets.

Blog readers, your thoughts?



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12 responses to “Hey, you! Drop that data and get back here!

  1. I do find it a bit unnerving, and I can certainly understand why some people get a bit paranoid with it all. You kind of have to make a decision about whether you want to be fully integrated into the online world or not, and if you do then that’s the way things are. Some people work really hard to stay private don’t they, sometimes you can be trying to search somebody out for some reason and you can find absolutely nothing about them at all, I always find that strange these days, how they’ve managed to do that.

  2. The internet has certainly changed our privacy options in life. It is a remarkable tool but certainly needs to be used with care and caution.

  3. This is why I don’t tweet, face, pin, link, tumble, or otherwise. I know by not playing by the websplash rules I will probably keep my hits and likes low — yet, my info is my info and there is only so much I’m willing to share and with whom. Queen Vic thought it her duty to surrender some inevitable aspects of her life *quote reference* I think I’m gonna hold out. But truthfully, THEY probably know all about me already.

  4. I have multiple online personalities – which is a pain because it means more than one email account details to remember, and probably doesn’t make it that much more difficult to collect consumer data from me, though hopefully I am harder to hack or identity burgled.

  5. Just much too much out there waiting to be grabbed. The problem is it’s all collected and relationships established/conclusions drawn – and we really don’t know how it will all function in the future. (folding back up now…ooops too late…that’s how I often feel even though I try to be cautious)

  6. Hi, great post 🙂

    I recently watched a programme about the perils of sharing too much on social media http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dont-blame-facebook/video/series-1/episode-1/dont-blame-facebook. It’s interesting just how much some people are willing to share – even evidence of their own criminal activities.


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