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Chirping on Twitter


“You talking to me? Are you tweeting ME?” Dove image courtesy of dzz, Morguefile.

I’ve been on Twitter for a considerable time now and I’m enjoying the fact that more and more people are talking to me. At first, it seemed like Twitter was just a giant firehose, spraying thoughts from people all over the world. One friend of mine has compared it to the world’s biggest tea party, with conversations going on in various spaces.

But in a way, Twitter is also like blogging: you have to give to receive. The more I respond to other people’s tweets or send tweets to them, the more likely they are to say something in return.

I like to imagine that Twitter users fall into different bird categories:

Owls: These people are the power users of Twitter, with thousands of followers. They are knowledgeable in their own fields and adept with using Twitter. When I click on a link in their tweets, I’m rewarded by an interesting photo or an article where I can learn some noteworthy information.

Blue jays: This group are show-offs. They haven’t quite figured out that Twitter is not about selling 24/7 (ugh), but more about building relationships and sharing knowledge. They constantly ask for retweets and when you click on a link, you are taken to a website where the user wants you to buy something. A pop-up window may appear, too.

Parrots: They’re colorful and entertaining. Their tweets make me laugh. I’m following Steve Martin, the comedian and actor, because his tweets are hilarious.

Hawks: This group is the strangest on Twitter. They pounce on me and follow me, but then fly off elsewhere. I guess they just want to increase their number of followers.

Doves: They nest on Twitter and are interested in having conversations and building relationships. This is my favorite group, because it’s fun to say things, be answered and get some back-and-forth conversations going. Some of my fellow bloggers have joined me on Twitter and vice versa, and I find it great fun to talk with them.

Baby chicks: This group are the newbies on Twitter. They’re still getting the hang of how Twitter works, but they learn in time.

Blog readers, can you think of any other bird categories? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.


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