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News events and the blogging quandary


Boston image courtesy of Dong L. Zou, Wikimedia Commons.

When a major news event happens, the blogosphere inevitably reacts in different ways. Some bloggers go to the inner self, dissecting what was going through the minds of the perpetrators, the victims, the bystanders. Others reminisce about their lives in that area and the people they know there, sharing the tales they want to tell. Still other bloggers may not say anything at all about the incident on their own blogs and continue blogging as usual, putting up a post as if nothing had happened. I think maybe this last group of bloggers wants to provide a respite from the 24/7 news coverage.

Twice now, a news event has hit when I’m getting ready to put up a blog post. The first time, it was the Newtown school shootings last December. The second time, it was the Boston Marathon bombing. We watch, we’re saddened, and we mourn the waste of lives, especially if it’s children.

I’m never quite sure of blogging etiquette in these situations. Do I say nothing at all in my blog and seem insensitive to the horror and pain of the victims? Or do I pay tribute to the victims and add my voice to the hundreds of thousands of others who are endlessly analyzing what happened and more importantly, why it happened?

In both cases, I went on blogging as normal, but I did make a brief mention of Newtown on one blog post. I had nothing substantial to add to what was already being said by newscasters, experts and fellow bloggers, and I did not want to say anything that would add, even accidentally, to the suffering of the victims and the people who know them.

I did read what other bloggers had said and commented here and there as I saw fit. I hope that was enough.

Blog readers, what are your opinions in this situation? Let’s start a discussion.


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