Whoopie pies and Michael: A day of sheer perfection story


Springtime azaleas! Image courtesy of jjulian912, Morguefile.

Yesterday, my local farmers’ market opened up for the season. The weather was utterly perfect — blue and brilliantly sunny with a chilly breeze that made me glad I was wearing my sweatshirt.

The farmers’ market runs every Saturday from May to October. During the spring and summer, they offer freshly cut bouquets of flowers with colors that perfectly complement one another, as well as artisan ice cream, seafood harvested from a bay only three hours away, baked goods, popcorn and a host of fresh vegetables and fruit. I like apples, so I like to try some of the most interesting varieties such as Honeycrisp and Pink Lady, rather than the usual Golden Delicious and Red Delicious that I find in my store. In the fall, you’ll find pumpkins of every shape, color and size.

There is one stall that I visit every time. The couple that runs it are pleasant people and always ready to chat. Thanks to fellow blogger Russell Deasley and his tasty blog post about whoopie pies yesterday, I had a yen for one of them (chocolate) and munched it while strolling around the other stalls.

There were some changes. Normally, the vendors tend to stay in the same spot, but there was some shifting around this year. But the same people were there with a few new and interesting additions.

There are live musicians to entertain everybody and you’ll usually find cute little toddlers hopping around in time to the music, enjoying themselves without reserve. Sometimes it’s a band playing guitars and fiddles, other times it might be a group of South American musicians playing pan pipes and other traditional instruments.

The other part of “market day” involves a craft fair that sells jewelry, photographic prints, ethnic clothing, items to give your cat or dog some “bling”, or anything else you need for your home. This year, somebody was selling environmentally friendly jewelry made from recycled computer parts — cufflinks made from the alphabetic keys of keyboards or pendants and earrings made from pieces of circuit boards. Pretty attractive, really. Now, that’s the way to recycle your iPad or PC!

I was also taken with one photo in particular. It showed Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” inscription at the Lincoln Memorial in DC with a copy of The Washington Post lying in front of it. The headline on the newspaper is about Barack Obama’s election as President. I liked the juxtaposition between the dream of the past and a symbol of the present reality.

All of this activity takes place close to a lake. After I went through the fair, I took a path that leads near some of the lakeside houses enjoying the brilliant pinks, reds and whites of springtime azaleas, the lavender-colored lilacs and purple wood violets. Everything looked and smelled amazing.

It was one of those mornings where everything fell into place and made for several hours of sheer perfection. And through it all, I’m listening to the music on my portable music player. Michael Bublé’s song below was the perfect accompaniment.



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8 responses to “Whoopie pies and Michael: A day of sheer perfection story

  1. I so need to visit this market.

  2. I got that CD for my birthday–have a beautiful day!

  3. The joys of living in the country. All the markets were open around here this weekend too … and the weather was just so fine 🙂

  4. Sigh…I would love a Whoopie pie and a chance to stroll a farmer’s market. Guess it won’t be happening any time soon…but I can dream of the bounty of a day like this.


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