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Storming the Richard Castle books


Now with THIS kind of castle, I’d be inspired to write (and blog) every day! Curwood Castle image courtesy of AcrylicArtist, Morguefile.

One TV show that I’m liking more and more is ABC’s “Castle”. For blog readers who are unfamiliar with this TV series, it’s a TV crime drama featuring crime novelist Richard Castle (portrayed by actor Nathan Fillion) and NYPD homicide detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). The show has terrific writing with lots of quips and witty banter zipping back and forth, especially between the two lead characters. Another reason I like it is that Castle is a cheeky smartmouth and being from a sassy family myself, I love that. Beckett is very good at putting him in his place. (And if you haven’t seen the funny bloopers from “Castle” on YouTube, I strongly recommend them.)

In the storyline for this TV show, Castle has gotten permission from New York’s mayor to trail Beckett and her coworkers on their cases and often helps them solve homicides due to his knowledge of the criminal mind. He’s written a series of novels using a character called Nikki Heat, based on Detective Beckett. Nikki Heat is helped by Jameson Rook (Rook = Castle), a magazine journalist.

And here’s where the mystery starts. I’ve noticed that books by Richard Castle have popped up in my local library and I’m contemplating checking some of them out to read. But when I look for a picture of the author on the back cover or a book flap, I’ll see Nathan Fillion’s picture and a blurb based on the life of Richard Castle as it’s been depicted in the TV series.

So who IS writing the Castle books? That’s the mystery. Nathan Fillion isn’t writing the books, he says. So who is? Another blogger, Jeannie Ruesch, wrote a very entertaining blog post in 2010 about who she suspected was writing the Castle books. Writer Steve Margolis also shared his thoughts about the writer of the Castle books in a 2012 blog post.

It’s fun to speculate. Maybe somewhere down the road the solution to this literary mystery will be revealed. In his blog post, Margolis makes the intriguing point that the person who writes the books has a very distinct voice.

And that got me thinking about the bigger picture. We all have our own voices and recognizable style, wouldn’t you say? Whether we’re bloggers, journalists, novelists, playwrights or any other type of writer, everybody’s got a certain way they phrase things plus their own way of looking at the world, shaped by their life experiences and their environment. Depending upon the type of writing that we do — as a hobby or professionally — we follow the conventions for a certain format, but the voice itself is unique. 

So I’m looking forward to the eventual reveal: Will the real Castle novelist please stand up? I’d like to see who it is, eventually. But in the meantime, here’s an entertaining video to introduce you to the main “Castle” characters. Enjoy!


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