Finding Mr. Rabbit: Social media hops to the rescue


“Have you seen Mr. Rabbit?” “No, I haven’t, did you?” Bunny image courtesy of gemalynn, Morguefile.

Oh, come on, people. You didn’t really expect me to pass up such a great opportunity for a pun, did you?

I’ve been following an interesting Twitter-related story from London over the last few days. Ruby, the 3-year-old daughter of Scottish photographer Zoe Stewart, lost her bunny doll on a family trip to London.  On the night of November 16, they had dinner at the Flat Iron Steak House restaurant and then headed over to a Tube station to catch a train to London Bridge. Somewhere along the line, Mr. Rabbit got left behind. He has great sentimental value to Ruby, so she’s not a happy toddler.

So her mum Zoe, who has some social media accounts, posted message about the lost doll on Twitter and Facebook, asking people for any information. Many people on Twitter and Facebook have created tweets or posts about the missing doll, and it’s been heartwarming to see how many people have gotten involved in passing on the message about Mr. Rabbit. If you’re on Twitter, you’ll find these messages using the hashtag #findmrrabbit.

According to Ruby’s website created by her mum, this story’s had over 1,000 retweets on Twitter and over 2,000 shares on Facebook. It’s reached about 134,000 people.

So far, Mr. Rabbit hasn’t turned up yet, but maybe he will with all of those eyes looking for him. I hope so. Ruby’s a cute little kid and deserves to get back her beloved toy. I’m wishing them well.

For further details on where Mr. Rabbit might be, check out Ruby’s website. Hopefully, Mr. Rabbit didn’t decide to take a world trip or go on a pub crawl, and he’ll be returned soon.

SIDE NOTE TO MY AMERICAN READERS: Have a good Thanksgiving, everybody!



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13 responses to “Finding Mr. Rabbit: Social media hops to the rescue

  1. tell TBM–she is famous for her pub crawls and if Bunny is there she will find him

  2. I can see I must learn how to tweet!!

  3. I was so relieved to realise it wasn’t a real rabbit!!!

  4. Where was social media when I was a kid losing all my toys?


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