Let’s go to the blog hop


Happy New Year! Now celebrate! Image courtesy of Schnuffel, Morguefile.

Here we go again! LouAnn of the Canadian blog On The Homefront And Beyond hosts another wild and wacky blog party to celebrate the end of 2013 and welcome in 2014!

We had a lot of fun with this virtual party last year. The happenings got pretty crazy and the cyber-police were almost called. Many of the bloggers were dancing on tabletops and they got cyber-intoxicated, so it was interesting getting everybody to return to their own blogs in safety.

Plus, there was that incident with the sheep. Or was it a duck? Maybe it was the sheep AND the duck. I think somebody tried to tie hats on them.

I have to cook for the party again. I’m thinking I’d go vegetarian this time around and fix chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes and chocolate truffles. Mmmmmm. (Chocolate is a vegetable, right? Right? After all, it comes from cocoa beans. *giggles*)

U.K. blogger Vanessa Chapman of Limebird Writers has once again created a video for the celebration (see it here). And when you have time between partying, check out her hilarious post about being Freshly Pressed. It made me roar with laughter when I read it; she’s a genius about creating funny photos with captions.

So to celebrate the New Year at LouAnn’s blog, just drop by to read it or leave a comment. The party at her blog will continue up through New Year’s Day.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Day, wherever in the world you are. I hope 2014 brings you lots of good experiences, health and happiness.

And me? I’ll be out on the dance floor, celebrating. C’mon and dance the New Year in with me.



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10 responses to “Let’s go to the blog hop

  1. Thanks for the double shout-out 🙂 Virtual blog parties are fun aren’t they. Happy New Year to you EEE!

  2. chocolate is most certainly a vegetable–the best kind– thanks for doing this – and Happy New Year my friend!

  3. Looks wild, wacky, and wonderful! Hope your new year is bright and full of wonder…with a few adventures thrown in for good measure!

  4. Happy New Year! Just watching the fireworks and being glad I’m in a warm house 🙂

  5. It’s the 2nd, and I’m still looking over my shoulder at 2013, hoping I didn’t forget anything. It seems we do no more than blink and an entire year has passed. But they are good years, wherein sweet memories are made, and this is certain to be another.
    A very Happy New Year to you!
    P.S. Chocolate is most certainly a vegetable; and a fruit, and a grain, and a — well, of course it is the pinnacle within all food groups. 🙂

    ~ Cara


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