Snow stories

snow lake scene

“Snow, snow, beautiful snow! You slip on a lump and over you go!”–Agatha Christie. Snow image courtesy of FarmerT, Morguefile.

Greetings from Antarctica, my blog family. Okay, so I’m not in Antarctica right now, although it looks like it and feels like it in the DC metro area.

We’re currently still digging ourselves out from Snowmageddon: The Sequel. We’ve had one major snowstorm and about two or three minor ones, with temperatures to match. I’m thankful to say that the snowplow people have done an amazing job on our roads.

There is a HUGE icicle growing underneath the deck from meltwater. I measured it yesterday —  it’s 36 inches long and still growing.

All of this snow reminds me of books I’ve read where snow and/or ice plays a major part in the book. So for your amusement today, I’m compiling a list of various snow-related books:

1) The Long Winter, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It’s one of the books in Wilder’s series about her life as a pioneer in the West. The Ingalls family endured some tough times during that winter, but managed to survive through a combination of persistence, ingenuity and hope.

2) Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors, by Piers Paul Read. This book is a true and touching story of a 1970s rugby team from Uruguay whose plane crashed in the Andes. I marvel that any of them survived and got out alive. (If you ever see the movie with Ethan Hawke, it has some of the most terrifying and realistic plane crash scenes ever filmed. Be warned.)

3) Endurance, by Frank Worsley. It describes the survival of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the members of The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition after their ship was crushed by ice in the Antarctic. For details, read my previous blog post about this book.

4) Snow Falling On Cedars, by David Guterson. I haven’t gotten to this book yet, but I saw the movie and enjoyed it. I’m glad that it talks about the evacuation of Japanese-Americans during World War II; I think Manzanar and other “detention centers” are an often-overlooked part of American history.

5) Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow (also known as Smilla’s Sense of Snow) by Peter Høeg. Again, it’s a case of saw-movie-first-read-book-sometime, but I’m hoping it’s as good as the movie. It’s a murder mystery — a young child falls to his death from a building’s snow-covered roof and it’s declared an accident by the police. His neighbor and friend Smilla Jaspersen doesn’t buy it, since the kid was terrified of heights.

6) The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis. It has lots and lots of snow and four British kids running around having adventures in it.

7) and 8) And do I even need to mention Stephen King’s The Shining and Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale? Enough said.

Blog readers, got any more contributions to snow books? Let’s see how long we can make the list.

And did you think I was going to let you out of this blog post without a “Snow” video? LOL.



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27 responses to “Snow stories

  1. Snowing today, more snow Thursday. I don’t really have to worry about surgery because we shall never make it out of the driveway, never leave this house again. No worries.

  2. I hope your shoulders don’t ache too much from all the shoveling. I can’t think of any other snow books–you got the best ones there. Wishing spring thoughts your way.

  3. We have read far too many of the same books (only you actually see snow instead of dreaming about it and chasing it)
    The same warmer temps for you guys shortly?
    FYI some of the migrating bird flocks are beginning to move through
    You can post that video anytime – love the movie.

  4. Right now I’m just fingering my Burpee Seed Catalog wishing for warmer weather.

  5. Did you mention The Snow Goose by Pail Gallicoe… and how about Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, his epic drag through snow and ice with a broken leg back to base camp…

  6. What an interesting post! Sitting here in warmer climes, I’m struggling to put myself in your shoes, and failing miserably. Here in the southern part of India, we’ve clear blue skies and not a sign of a chill 🙂

  7. Alone in the Wilderness, the diary of Dick Proneke(sp?) featured on PBS channels (at least in the Seattle area) about his building of his home and years alone in the Alaska wilderness. I love watching the video made from the movies he took. Also, O Rugged Land of Gold a true story chronicling a woman’s experience in Alaska in the 1950’s after she gets separated from her husband during an earthquake and spends a winter alone, injured and delivers a baby (her own). The author’s first name is Martha. I don’t remember her last name, but got the book from the library. This was also made into a movie “Rugged Gold” starring Jill Eikenberry. Not a very well known movie or book, but one of my favorites.

  8. Of course, Jack London’s classics such as The Call of the Wild, White Fang, To Build a Fire, etc., should be mentioned.

  9. “White Christmas” is one of my favorite movies, and you just gave me a big smile this morning. I also bought a book for my daughter recently called The Cold Water Witch by Yannick D. Murphy, which I think is pretty apropos for this winter. 🙂

  10. I know it’s the picture book author in me, but I always think of The Cat In The Hat Comes Back this time of year. Do you remember just how much those kids needed to shovel? Gah! Backbreaking.

    I’d much rather be the carefree protagonist of The Snowy Day.

  11. You must be on the north or west side of DC because the snow was not so bad here in Arlington. I love love love the White Christmas clip. Watched it years ago on the big screen when it was first released (1948?). Got to buy the DVD. Dianne

  12. Books and snow remind me of the movie Day After Tomorrow. If the world is going to end why not in the NYC Library?
    Break out the cocoa and settle in for a cozy weekend because the weather outside is indeed frightful.

  13. Cricketmuse got to it first! All this talk of polar vortices and the next ice age makes me think of The Day After Tomorrow (not a book, and actually- a pretty terrible movie). But with a 3-foot long icicle hanging from your deck (WOW), perhaps the next ice age is not too far off? 😉 Stay warm!

    • I’m happy to report that temperatures have been a lot milder this week, which made going outside much nicer. However….the polar vortex is predicted to stop by for another visit in the near future…oh, no, here we go again! 🙂


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