Five new changes coming to Twitter

bird landing

Everybody’s a-flutter about the new Twitter changes. Image courtesy of Acrylic Artist, Morguefile.

Ah, Twitter. Like other social media people, they love to keep Twitter users on their toes.

If you haven’t visited your Twitter account lately, be advised — Twitter profiles will be different in the future. It’s taking time to roll out the new version to all Twitter users, since there are millions of them worldwide. Some people squawked about the new changes, but I think everybody will get used to it in time.

Here are 5 new changes that will eventually appear on your Twitter account:

1) A really BIG space for a header photo. Twitter recommends that you upload a photo of 1,500 pixels in width by 500 pixels in height. Another source I’ve read says 1,252 pixels in width by 626 pixels in height. Whatever size you choose, I’d also use a high-resolution photo so it won’t go blurry.

Right now, that photo space seems gargantuan to me (just my personal reaction) but I think it offers some interesting creative possibilities. Some creative Twitter sites that I like are Infocomm International and Lockheed Martin, and I can’t wait to see what they do with the new header photo.

2) A bigger profile photo. Your personal photo (or logo) will change to a size of 400 pixels in height by 400 pixels in width.

3) A bigger size for your more popular tweets. Tweets that get more engagement (favorites, retweets, etc.) will be larger in size than other tweets to help them be found more easily.

4) A three-column design.  The left column is info about you and the middle column will have your tweets. The right side is trending topics on Twitter and suggestions about who to follow.

5) The ability to pin a popular tweet at the top of your tweet column. This feature helps others to better understand what you represent.

Time to run. I’ve got new photos to take! *dashes off to get camera*




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15 responses to “Five new changes coming to Twitter

  1. Thanks for the info. These all seem like great, functional changes.

  2. Cool~ didn’t know that- I will have to find bigger pictures..

  3. Nothing stays the same! People – especially rapid browsers – love pictures!

  4. Thanks for the summary. It’s great having this info all in the one place. the changes look a little Facebookish to me.

  5. Nothing makes you realize how poor quality a photo is than having to upload it to something, and suddenly it looks like something a conspiracy nut points to as proof of the existence of… something…

    And the “cloud” idea of sizing tweets is clever, yet awful. One, because it furthers the mentality of not finding new things but only looking at what’s already established. Two, because it will really illustrate that no one reads my Twitter feed.

  6. I use twitter, but I pretty much never actually “go there.” I don’t even know what picture I’m using for the account. I’m not sure I remember my password, either. Oops!!

  7. I’m new to Twitter, but so far the changes all seem useful to me. I’m always on the side of bigger pictures and bigger fonts, and it’s a great idea to be able to pin tweets to the top.

  8. It’s weird but a blurb about each of my posts pops up on Twitter.


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