Social media newsworthy bits

Social media globe

Social media: we’re always connected somewhere. Image courtesy of Geralt, Pixabay.

I have a collection of things to talk about today, but none of them alone is long enough to stretch to an entire blog post. I’m cobbling all of them together and sharing some interesting tidbits of what I’ve found on the Web this week.

Learned that LinkedIn profile appearances are changing

For anyone who has a premium LinkedIn account (one of the paid versions), the profile changed to include a big cover photo in the background.  In a few months, it’ll appear on the basic accounts too, according to a Business Insider article I read about how your LinkedIn profile is changing to look more like Facebook.

I predict that the creative community will have fun with this new change. A lot of profiles from the people I know (photographers, videographers and graphic designers) use some ingenious images.

Attended an SEO presentation

I went to a SEO (search engine optimization, a.k.a. how to make search engines find your online material) presentation this week. The presentation came from someone who’s been in the SEO world for a long time and his tips fascinated me. Since SEO is closely tied to blogging and marketing, knowing at least the basics is helpful.

Watched the best-ever selfie video

If you haven’t caught it yet, Alex Chacon of The Modern Motorcycle Diaries created an epic video as he took a 600-day odyssey through 36 different countries. He filmed the video with a GoPro video camera attached to a support pole, and it’s a wonderful way to experience virtual tourism without the jet lag.

I’m thinking Alex and Matt Harding would be kindred spirits. (Plus, I love the feel-good music from Alex’s video; my toes start tapping just like they do for Irish or zydeco music. I’ve GOT to put that on my music player.)

Discovered the new Qualman video

Erik Qualman, an expert on digital trends, has been creating a Socialnomics video for several years. If you like learning about social media and how important it’s become, I highly recommend his 2014 video.



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6 responses to “Social media newsworthy bits

  1. Never enough info on SEO – how great to attend that session.
    GoPro cameras have really shaken things up. So great.

  2. Youthful pursuits! What fun! I like learning new things.

  3. Thank you very much for the best-ever selfie video, very impressive! My husband has an Royal Enfield too, and was very glad to see this motorcycle in “the middle east ride” on the video…. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it.

      I heard on Twitter today that now there’s something called “dronies”. It’s a selfie video filmed with a camera attached to a drone toy plane. It starts out with the image of people, then the camera rises upward to show the landscape.

      I’ve seen some great examples. I can’t wait to see what the advertising world does with this — somebody could create some really fun dronie videos.


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