First there was the selfie, now there’s the dronie!

Drone helicopter

Drone helicopter. Image courtesy of Hans, Pixabay.

Part of my morning routine involves hopping onto Twitter and other sites to see what’s going on. As I checked over the tweets yesterday from various people that I follow, I caught an interesting tweet from a social marketer called Evan Dunn mentioning a “dronie”.

Dronie? What’s that?

The tweet aroused my curiosity, so I went to investigate. A dronie is a selfie video shot using the camera on a radio-controlled drone plane. You and your companions stand in some interesting outdoor location and operate the plane so that it progresses from a close-up shot of your faces to the surrounding area. After that, you edit the video and put it online.

Here’s an interesting beach dronie from Dave Morin on YouTube:

Plus, there’s Takto’s wedding dronie of a YouTube couple (Judging from the location, I’m thinking somewhere in Europe — can anybody identify this place?):

For right now, dronies seem to be more of a fad, basically about personal vanity and fun. I’d love to see some made around locations such as the Globe Theater in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany or the National Mall in DC. Those places would be amazing to film, don’t you think?

I have a feeling it won’t be long until some enterprising marketer figures out a creative way to use dronies to make a point, support a cause and sell something. Do the right editing and add in some evocative music and a few well-chosen phrases. Pop it onto Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other sites, and you’ve got something viral and well worth people’s attention.

We’ll see what happens.



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8 responses to “First there was the selfie, now there’s the dronie!

  1. Interesting. I favor quiet back yard weddings without complex technology, but to each his/her/their own!

  2. Those were lovely to look at actually. Of course dronies take a lot more skill than selfies so we’re less likely to be overwhelmed with them everywhere! I’m pretty sure if I tried to do a dronie, there would be a few seconds and then a crash!

  3. Drone usage: from spy trips to I trips. Societal progress?

  4. Interesting! I wonder if the drones ever return. Looks like they crash and burn somewhere. The church looks like it might be in Italy. Romanesque style architecture. I don’t think it’s terribly famous, but pretty setting, nevertheless.


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