How to write a blog post in 12 comic steps

Baby blogger

Blogging: so easy a toddler can’t do it. Image courtesy of Public Domain Pictures, Morguefile.

Having trouble coming up with a blog post topic? Terrified of that blank “Add New Post” screen? Fear no longer…the Editor is here! Follow this 12-step formula and you’ll be composing a blog post in a short time!

Step 1: Open WordPress. Go to “Add New Post” and stare at blank screen, trying to think of a fresh, original topic.

Step 2: Stare at blank screen some more.

Step 3: Search for list of personal blog topics that you scribbled down last week while waiting for a meeting to begin.

Step 4: Stare at blank screen.

Step 5: Cast eyes over bookcase and bag of library books. Is there a writer or book you haven’t covered yet for the blog?

Step 6: Rack brain for bits of conversation leading to a topic you thought would be good for a blog post.

Step 7: Google “best books in literature” for inspiration about a writer/book you haven’t discussed in the blog. Check social media sites for viral videos to analyze in blog post.

Step 8: Did someone say chocolate? Toddle off to store to purchase a Diet Pepsi and a pack of chocolate pretzel M&Ms. Chat with sociable store people. Stroll back. Stop to pet neighbor’s friendly dog or cat. Heave resigned sigh, square shoulders, march back to computer and sink into computer chair. Stare at blank screen.

Step 9: Inspiration….AT LAST!!! Watch the words form on the computer screen.

Step 10: Go to YouTube if you think there’s a video to illustrate what you’re saying. Get distracted watching funny cat videos, cute puppy videos, laughing baby videos or favorite TV show videos. Stop messing around, find appropriate video and add link to blog post.

Step 11: Search free photo sites for blog post photo. Give photo a name with a keyword for SEO and add to blog post.

Step 12: Double-check blog post and edit as needed. Hit “Publish” and breathe relieved sigh. All done.



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30 responses to “How to write a blog post in 12 comic steps

  1. All the above applied to most of my assignment writing during my degree as well…..I took procrastination to new heights when I avoided academic work by procrastinating about my blog posts simultaneously! …. and kudos for ‘toddle off’ I thought it was just me that says that nowadays 🙂

  2. Love this! And the fact that you finally decided to write about the fact that you didn’t have anything to write about.

    • I still have the list of blog post topics that I scribbled down last week. Tonight was just about writing something funny to which all bloggers could relate. Some posts just fly onto the computer screen while others are trickier.

  3. We can always write about not having anything to write about. Everyone can relate to that 🙂

  4. Good reading, but may I suggest two improvements?

    Before Step 1, hitting ‘Add new post,’ you could add Step 0: Set yourself a deadline which you’ll barely manage to meet 🙂
    And then Step 13: Repeat (and try saving your sanity).

  5. Or another post could be how life becomes a possible post? Road construction? Hey, I could write about what to do while needlessly waiting. Grocery stores. What about how we end up having reunions right there in produce? Is that a good sign I see blog potential all the day? Is this a new form of post traumatic stress syndrome?

  6. Amazing man, your article itself seems to be an example of how to come up with an article even if there is no topic in your mind. I thought for a day to write some blogging tips for new bloggers, but actually smiled while reading yours… Loved it.. wonderful way to come up with.. 🙂

  7. Yep, that sounds about right. But I always do my first blog post drafts in Word.

  8. This blog is like a Seinfeld episode…all about nothing and funny!

  9. I get stuck at #8–Chocolate!

  10. Impybat

    Step 7a: Fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole. Any means of distraction. Have I mentioned that I have 24 posts waiting in my Drafts folder?

  11. Haha, brilliant, I have loads of linked bookmarks for best books in literature and also worst books because I like balance.

  12. I empathise with your number 8. No blog post should ever be written without a bar of chocolate nearby!


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