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Blogging: A unique form of artistry

Paris street

Where will I be taken next by another blogger? Paris? London? Who can tell? Image courtesy of zerodesign, Morguefile.

I read a quote from French painter Edgar Degas today: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” I liked the quote so much that I posted it on my feed on LinkedIn this morning, so the other creative people in my network could enjoy it too.

As bloggers, we slide open a window into our lives so that interested people in the world can peek in. We share our innermost thoughts and give each other updates on what’s happening within our personal world of our families and lives. As of this morning, I learned that one of my blogger buddies expects a new addition to her family next spring. Another blogger describes her fascinating life in Morocco and how she’s adapted to a different lifestyle.

Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to have the written description accompanied by visuals: photos and videos. I can tell from photos what’s important to that photo blogger and experience for myself how they make me see an ordinary person, animal or object in a different way. I get to go along for the ride when a blogger posts photos of his or her trip to some exotic locale.

I like video even better, especially if the blogger is featured within it. These bloggers with whom I only communicate via computer and e-mail become more real when I see them speak, sing, dance, run and walk. I have a better sense of who they are as people, how they interact with others and what motivates them.

But the most touching window into someone’s life came across my radar this morning when I read Erik Conover’s blog post and watched the video he created. Erik is a New York blogger, writer and actor who recently proposed to his girlfriend Jessica at sunset near the Eiffel Tower, on their last day in Paris. He included a beautifully shot, moving video about the trip to Paris and the proposal. It includes all the classic elements of good storytelling: touching music, stunning visuals, and a good story with a handsome hero and heroine. (Erik, my man, you brought back some great memories of my times in London. Thanks.)

(Now, go see the video already to see if she accepted! This video is not to be missed!)

Erik has his own words of wisdom on his “About” page: “Smile more. Worry less. Live your passion.”

I’m doing my best, Erik.




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