O Paraguay, where art thou in my blogosphere?

Paraguay bear

Paraguay, waiting for you to come visit is un-bear-able! (Note the Paraguay flag at bear’s feet.) Image courtesy of Alvimann, Morguefile.

Every once in a while, armed with the appropriate foraging rations of Diet Pepsi and chocolate pretzel M&Ms, I go exploring through my WordPress dashboard to review my blog stats. Curiosity compels me to look at my data to see which posts are the most and least popular so I have a sense of what people are reading and what works for them.

Since I travel whenever possible, I like to see where in the world my readers are situated. I adore the WordPress stats page that shows everywhere the blog has been read.  It’s color-coded, where the darker colors indicate the highest readership, plus there’s a list of flags accompanied by their country names.

My blog’s penetrated most of the world’s continents. Imagine that — I never realized how extensive the blogosphere can be. I’ve been read by people I never, ever imagined would visit my blog. Three of them were published authors.

Much of Asia and Africa has stopped in at least once — there are some gaps but I get it since some of those countries are in remote areas. Europe, Australia and North America are frequent visitors, bless ’em.

Antarctica — nope. I think penguins ate the Wi-Fi antennas.

Even South America’s gotten in on the act, it seems. But there is one South American country that stubbornly holds out: Paraguay. I’m hoping somebody from there will come visit one day. (I wonder if chocolate would help?) Just one visitor, that’s all I ask.

Maybe I should go grab a boat, sail down there and go cross-country until I get to Paraguay. They’ve got some snazzy waterfalls and a rockin’ set of historical ruins called La Santisima Trinidad de Paraná. (Gorgeous name, especially when you say it out loud.) You can work wonders in someone else’s country with polite behavior and a smile. It’s worked for me so far.

When I visited Clervaux Castle in Luxembourg, I once visited an amazing photography display called “The Family of Man” by Edward Steichen. The point of the display was to show that although we all come from different countries, we still go through the same life experiences, such as birth, joy, laughter, pain, fear and hope.

Maybe some Paraguayan readers will want to drop in and visit sometime when they see a post of mine that resonates with something in their own lives. We’ll see.

Blog readers, any thoughts about all the countries and the people that read your writing?




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24 responses to “O Paraguay, where art thou in my blogosphere?

  1. I had to check my own stats. I am proud to announce that in the past almost 3 years, I have had 14 hits from Paraguay! Is this bragging?

    • Okay, maybe a little humble-braggish. Marilyn, I think Paraguayans must be attracted to all the beautiful New England photos you post! Plus, you and Garry have so many excellent stories to share.

      • Or somebody we know retired down there. I have a few Nicaraguan retirees on my “rolls.” Plus some countries I’ve actually never heard of, tiny islands off the coast of Africa (one hit in 2.75 years). There are more countries, Horatio ….

      • …Than I can dream of in my philosophy. Hats off to you for coming up with a Shakespeare quote this early on a Saturday morning!

  2. I can’t get no love from Greenland or Iceland… a few of the old Soviet republics, and a bit of Central West Africa. Other than that, I am kicking ass at this game of Risk!

  3. You are very considerate. I write what I want to write. Kind of like Jane Austen.

  4. Today a visitor from Pakistan came to my blog. None from Paraguay though… We should start a Paraguay Campaign.

  5. Out of curiosity I checked my own stats. I had one view from Paraguay. What was more surprising was that there were countries I had never heard of. My geography is really bad. Besides they seem to make new countries all the time. Hard to keep up.

  6. No Paraguay today. Does India count for something?

  7. I have 8 from Paraguay. The visitor I watch from is Greenland. It is the largest blank spot on my map. I am also missing a lot of countries from the central part of Africa. I sometimes think about what I can write about to garner a visitor from Greenland.

  8. First time I ever looked at the country summary. Not surprising the vast majority of my hits were from my home country and I imagine that will be the case for most people. One from Paraguay but on ‘Not Banjaxed,” the blog I only use rarely these days.

  9. I don’t have penguin followers either. But you have to forgive them; they only have a dial-up connection.


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