‘Tis the season for good storytelling videos

Christmas tree

Wishing everybody a happy and healthy holiday season! Image courtesy of kakisky, Morguefile.

Hi there. My name is Eagle-Eyed Editor, and I am a video storytelling addict.

There are millions of videos out there, and I usually spend some quality time each day checking out some videos, whether they come from YouTube or some other source. I can’t resist. The videos are too good.

Sometimes the videos are amazing (such as watching the flight of a skydiver wearing a GoPro camera on a helmet) or they can be excerpts from one of my favorite TV shows set to a funny musical soundtrack (these are known as “crack” videos). I admire the creativity.

During my #SSHour tweetchat yesterday (SSHour stands for Social Selling Hour, where we marketers discuss topics such as social media, storytelling and their impact on the business and marketing worlds), one person made an insightful comment: “Content is the new SEO.” In other words, good content will naturally draw people to your website and they’ll want to link to it and spread it around, so you’ll appear higher in the search engines. (Of course, following the traditional rules of search engine optimization doesn’t hurt, either.)

Storytelling videos are one way to provide excellent content. The best storytelling videos come when you tell a good story and get the audience to relate to it. Even though I know these videos are advertisements, they’re still charming and fun to watch. I admire the talent that goes into creating and editing them until the story is just right. They make me want to lunge for a video camera myself so I can explore making this kind of art.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see some particularly good videos in the past two weeks so I’d like to share some of them with you in case you haven’t seen them yet. Happy holidays, everybody!

1) Adorable little girl having an impromptu dance party and charming New Yorkers into dancing with her (my favorite moment: 0:42 where the little girl squeals in sheer glee)

2) Shoppers get a Christmas surprise at Edeka’s checkout registers (TV ad for an European supermarket chain)

3)WestJet’s 2014 Christmas video (as far as I’m concerned, WestJet’s people are THE ULTIMATE MASTERS of fun Christmas storytelling videos)



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6 responses to “‘Tis the season for good storytelling videos

  1. Why don’t more people just dance like that little girl and the few adults who accompanied her? That video made me smile from ear to ear. I dance like that. It does something to lift my mood every time. Just watching dancing makes me happy! And that beeping of the scanners was so creative in an otherwise dreary job for the checkout people and the shoppers. Great finds!

  2. I looooove the dancing kid. Even her festive pink outfit makes her a perfect Happiness Delivery System.

  3. Omg I love this. I’ll have to follow you 🙂


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