Yes, I am judging a book by its cover

eyes in books

You’re looking at the books…but sometimes, the books look back. MWAHAHAHA! Image courtesy of MMAARRSS, Morguefile.

Sooooo….I went to my local library the other day and they had one of their regular book sales going on. I like to browse around, since you never know when you’ll snag something good for a dollar or so.

Two of the books in particular begged for me to examine them further, since the outer cover was so interesting. One book had a round front and back cover designed to mimic the white and black appearance and texture of a traditional soccer ball, with the two halves joined by a short spine. The pages were round, too, to compliment the cover’s shape.

The book was about — what else? — the history of soccer, famous soccer players such as David Beckham and other soccer-related topics. I applaud the genius person who thought of the book cover; it was quite the attention-getter.

I wandered around some more and spotted another unusual book. The book was in French and seemed to be about scenery in Provence, as far as I could tell. The front cover had a frame around it to frame the cover image and the back had an angled support arm, so the book could be displayed on a shelf or a table, in the same way you’d display a traditional picture frame.

But the crowning glory came later. I wandered over to a shop later that day and spotted a book shaped to resemble a giant Nutella bottle. (Mmmm….chocolate hazelnut. Yum.) The book contained — you guessed it — 10 Nutella-based recipes.

I’ve seen book covers with reflective bits, cutouts and holograms and heard of books decorated with gold, silver, gemstones and ivory. I’ve spotted book covers with incredible cover art by artists like Tasha Tudor and Edward Gorey. I’ve even heard of an edible cookbook made from lasagna pasta sheets and cakes decorated in the form of book covers. (Mmmmmmm….cake.)

But soccer balls, picture frames and Nutella bottles? Those are new to me.

Blog readers: What’s the most unusual or most striking book cover you’ve ever seen?



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10 responses to “Yes, I am judging a book by its cover

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had one that wasn’t rectangle. My first cookbook which I got when I was about 10 (it was for children) had a hard washable cover. I remember the recipes were easy and the pictures were beautiful. It sparked a love of cooking I still have today.

  2. Your descriptions totally stumped me. My library book sales just offer the usual jumble mix of treasures in the eye of the beholder. I did pick up two books for the grandkiddo–those old abridged collections of stories, kind of a Reader’s Digest for children.

  3. Oh I’ve seen those Nutella books before! I’ve always been so tempted to buy one of them. 😀 I’ve also seen cupcake shaped books… and one shaped like a jar of spread cheese. Fun times, haha.

  4. Clever marketing. Book covers are the best sales person.
    Still, I do like the old leather bound classic look on the shelf.
    Merry. Merry!


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