What has been your favorite blog post to write?

flowing water

Sometimes words flow, sometimes they don’t. Image courtesy of SandJLikins, Morguefile.

The other day, Marilyn Armstrong of Serendipity discussed her reaction to WordPress’s Daily Prompt. This particular DP was about hindsight and rewriting your very first post. It got me to thinking about my own experiences since I started blogging.

I left a comment on Marilyn’s blog to the effect that I would not want to re-write my very first post on WordPress, since it stands as an example of how my blog has grown and developed over the past 3 years. When I first started this blog in 2012, I originally thought I’d give people copywriting and editing tips from my own experience. Later, I realized that I could talk about authors, books, the craft of writing and social media too since they all had the same basic theme: writing. This realization opened up the door to much more creativity and hundreds of ideas for more blog posts.

Some blog posts have been a struggle to create, when every word had to be reluctantly dragged, kicking and screaming, from the deepest recesses of my imagination. Bloggers, please note: Caffeine and chocolate are excellent spurs to creativity. 😀

One of these hard-to-write blog posts, Wacky word origins, netted me my first Freshly Pressed award. How’s that for ironic?

With other blog posts, I seized upon the topic and the words came fast and clear like a torrent. With some of the funnier ones, such as speculating on what would happen if famous literary characters had Twitter or comic tales from the church side, I even found myself giggling out loud.

WordPress gave me my second Freshly Pressed for the comic church stories. I guess they just couldn’t resist Advent wreaths catching on fire or fainting acolytes.

By now, I’ve written hundreds of blog posts for both the personal blog and for the business blogs that I ghostwrite. The reaction to them varies, but that’s how it goes. So be it.

Some of my blog posts gave me great pleasure when I wrote about them, like sharing my experiences at Digital East and talking about everyday superheroes inside and outside of the context of books. Every time I go back to read them, they still give me the same sense of satisfaction as they did when I created them.

Fellow bloggers, do you have blog posts like that? Which blog posts that you’ve written have given you the greatest sense of satisfaction and why?


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15 responses to “What has been your favorite blog post to write?

  1. It’s odd isn’t how the posts we labor over might not get much attention, while the quick flips get raves. I’ll go back through and look over my posts for my hits and misses. We started blogging about the same time–hard to believe three years have zipped by!

  2. First off, thanks for the shout out. It’s nice to know I sometimes trigger thoughts that become writing. I aim to inspire 🙂

    My favorite post is “The Truth About Everything,” which I’ve publishes in various versions and a few different titles. One of my goals with it is to finally get it cut down to about 500 words. I’m almost there.

    It has never been a popular post, in any of its incarnations, but it is very “me,” in tone, humor (irony, irony, irony), and subject matter. I keep hoping it will get the attention it deserves. Some people get it … most don’t care one way or the other. Otherwise, if I make anyone laugh, that’s a good post. And every once in a while, I know I’ve helped someone. THAT is the best.

  3. Servetus

    I tend not to think about the posts in terms of favorites (and after five years of near daily blogging it would be hard for me to pinpoint one or even ten). Often the ones that I have thought were quite good get no audience response; and it’s frequently the case that posts I am dissatisfied with or which are throwaway for me get a significant response. (shrugs)

  4. I agree with Servetus. I was Freshly Pressed for a post I whipped together like a cake mix. Yet I had some that were much more poignant or funny or in my opinion better written that attracted neither FP or high numbers of readers. I found it’s best if I just keep writing. If it try to figure this out, it’s like a thousand legged insect trying to figure out which leg goes first!

  5. I’m eclectic in my reading habits, but I do have favorite bloggers, some of whom I’ve met.

  6. my favorite posts are the ones that get the most comments

  7. Thanks for another great post! Interesting how you learn about your own interests through blogging. My favorite ones to write have been leaning toward art and history, which wasn’t my initial intention. I’ve just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award in case you’d like to participate. More details here: http://www.marciastrykowski.com Happy New Year!

  8. I did write one post entitled Adolf Hitler and the Battle of Little Bighorn in which I found links between the Nazi and Custer’s Last Stand. Hitler was once saved by a man named Keogh, whose ancestor was Capt Myles Keogh, who died at Little Big Horn. I loved the fact that these two strands from the past could be genuinely linked. History can be funny that way.


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