Third blogoversary: Intersections and education

three candles

Third blogoversary! Thank you for coming by and reading. Image courtesy of sillypieces, Morguefile.

Last Saturday, this blog turned three years old. As I look back over all the posts that I’ve written in that time, I’m filled with amazement about all that’s happened since then. We’ve shared thoughts on and recommendations for classic/modern books and authors, discussed issues such as social media addiction and how we react to social media, and learned from each other’s comments. Blogging has given me a ton of smiles and laughter over the years, as well as new knowledge that I may not have discovered on my own.

First off, I’d like to say a big thank-you to the people that I interact with on the most regular basis — Marilyn, Diann, Mike A., Liam, Philosopher Mouse, Cricketmuse, Maurice, Bob, Kate C., Servetus, Be The Change, Jaclyn and RAFrenzy. I appreciate that all of you took the time to come by and leave your thoughtful and humorous comments when you could.

In addition, I want to thank the new followers that I’ve acquired since January 2014. I’m honored and I’ve discovered some interesting blogs as a result.

For me, this was definitely the year of Twitter. To further my social media and digital marketing education, I’ve participated in a lot of tweetchats and have built up a community there like I have with blogging. (The Twitter people are just as funny as my blog readers; there’s a lot of witty tweets and sassing going on over there as well as some hilarious animated GIFs.)

Social media education was another big thing for me this year. I taught a workshop on business blogging this past year. It was SO much fun to show my local group of small business owners how blogging can positively impact their business by helping them to grow relationships with potential customers.

I’ve taught other platforms to individuals and groups, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. I like teaching people about social media and watching for the moment when the light comes on in my students’ faces as they realize how knowing how to use these platforms can help them as job hunters or business owners.

There was the fun of Digital East 2014 (to be called Digital Summit next year) and live-tweeting from it. I love learning from other marketers and sharing my own social media knowledge with them.

I taught myself some new platforms such as Canva and Nurph, which have been fun to use. I’ve been mentioned a couple of times on the Nurph blog, which was flattering.

This year, I expect to do some more teaching and to keep sharing with you the fascinating books and social media bits I discover. The BBC’s remake of Poldark is coming too — I can’t wait! (Downton Abbey, watch your back.)

I hope to do a face-to-face meet with two bloggers I’ve gotten to know through WordPress; we’ll see what happens! Stay tuned.

So here’s my present to you, some fun music to cause a smile today, courtesy of CZLyrics on YouTube.



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22 responses to “Third blogoversary: Intersections and education

  1. Congrats! This is certainly an accomplishment!

  2. Always plenty to dance about here. Congrats and can’t wait to see what rolls out here this year. (and the sass of twitter is the only reason I might consider it…bound to be some room to be carved out in vast amount of available spare time – I heard that laugh!)
    Cheers and onward!

  3. We started just about the same time because my 3-year anniversary is next month. I believe you were among the first people I “met” online. You are one of a scant handful I’ve stuck with the entire time I’ve been blogging. It really is a pleasure knowing and reading you. You make me laugh and think — the ultimate combination. Yay YOU!!

  4. Congratulations on your third birthday. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us…keep up the good work.

  5. Happy “birthday!” Here’s to the next three!

    • It’s said that a lot of personal blogs stop after 3 years — I intend to keep going and keep sharing good stuff! Thanks, Maurice.

      • Indeed. I wonder what might be the reason why 3 years is the “thing.” People decide it’s time to move on, that their interests are no longer reflected in the blog, maybe? Or, perhaps, they wanted to go for fame and fortune–things blogging don’t typically bring? Or, maybe, they move from expressing themselves this way to doing it in another way… Interesting.

      • I’d say all of those. But maybe their priorities change as well and their offline lives get insanely busy.

  6. I know–three years old! Does that mean we are ready to graduate to trikes and we’re almost potty-trained?😊

  7. Ooh! Peppy music!

    Congrats, my friend. Glad our blogs found each other!

  8. Congratulations. I don’t even know how old my blog is. I’m sure I must be repeating myself. Dianne


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