Blog readers, can you help me find a missing British mansion?

Side entrance of mansion

The side of the house. I expect Lady Mary and Lady Edith of Downton Abbey to come walking out any minute! Or maybe Bates. Image: Blogger’s own.

I seek it here, I seek it there, but somehow I’ve managed to misplace an entire British mansion. I’ve decided to crowdsource the answer from my fellow bloggers in social media.

Here’s the backstory: Years ago, I traveled to the U.K. and stayed in a cottage in Devon with some friends of mine. It was a marvelous cottage which had been converted, I believe, from some old stables. I thought it was very comfortable and my room had a skylight right over the bed, so I got a kick out of watching the stars come out and listening to the local cattle mooing as they settled down for the night.

We took day trips into the marvelously historic town of nearby Tavistock  and to other places. One of the sites we visited was the mansion below, and I’m trying to track down its name.

All I recall is that the mansion (or castle??) is within a few hours of Tavistock, Devon. I tried Googling but so far I haven’t had much luck yet. I’m hoping one of my British blogging buddies (whew — try saying that phrase “British blogging buddies” five times fast) or another blogger who has visited the U.K. might know it and remember its name.

We didn’t go in; as I recall, I don’t think they were having tours that day. It looked like a marvelous place inside from the glimpses I got through the window. The gardens were equally spectacular.

British mansion 1

The front of my mystery mansion. Image: Blogger’s own.

British mansion 2

The rear view of my mystery mansion. Love that red ivy. Image: Blogger’s own.

Mansion gardens

And some incredible gardens. Image: Blogger’s own.

I’d like to track down the house and its exact location since I’d enjoy going back to visit one day. I wouldn’t mind seeing the inside of the house, either, if they have a website.

If anyone has info, please provide it in the comment section below. Thanks, people!


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28 responses to “Blog readers, can you help me find a missing British mansion?

  1. *checks pockets*….hmmm no the mansion isn’t there…
    But seriously, I know how you feel! I have found awesome buildings like this while travelling, forgotten to write anything down about them and later looked at the photo and thought “where on earth WAS that?” Alas, I don’t know the whereabouts of your mansion, but I wish you luck in locating it. I’m curious myself. Unfortunately that area is one part of England I have no family at all so even they couldn’t help! :/

  2. Ahhhh. I want to go, too!!!!! (Sending link to a Scottish castle blog – trained in art/history/castles/archives maybe she knows…or know someone who knows)
    What a dreamy place to sit and write.

  3. I believe this is Hartland Abbey in Devon:

    Found it by doing a Google search of manor houses in Devon.

    • Lee J Dawson

      What a fabulous place. This would be the ideal place to holiday, especially with it being so near to the coast. Thanks for posting the link, Ray.

      • I did a bit more research and it turns out that Hartland Abbey was used as Mrs. Dashwood’s home in a 2008 version of Sense and Sensibility. Now I HAVE to see that again (especially since Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey plays Edward Ferrars!).

  4. Lee J Dawson

    Why not contact The National Trust? They will probably be able to help. Here’s a link to them:-

  5. travelrat

    ‘Keep a diary! One day, it may keep you!’ (Mae West) 😀

  6. The Chaos Realm

    …good sleuthing 🙂

  7. Dashwood’s place. That’s why it looked familiar.

  8. No idea. But I have a lovely Cape Cod-style house for you to visit!

  9. Glad you have an answer because I am no help at all, never having been to England! 😉


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