There are some days I’m SO proud to be in marketing…

video camera

A few minutes = some forever magic moments. Image courtesy of Alvimann, Morguefile.

I put out material regularly on Twitter, and I like to liven up my tweets now and then with images and videos. Today, I found some more gems of video storytelling that made me want to grab a camera and create my own! These ads are both hilarious and touching. Have fun watching.

Video #1: Disney plays some mind games with unsuspecting shoppers

Video #2: Coke’s Small World Machines video create human-to-human connections between India and Pakistan

Video #3: Technically, this is not an ad, but it’s still a beautifully crafted example of how video tells a powerful story. I’m tossing it in as a bonus for you video makers out there to inspire you.

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

YouTube video credits: Disney Parks, Coca-Cola and nvnkvr.



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8 responses to “There are some days I’m SO proud to be in marketing…

  1. I am not sure why, but these do not come through as videos when I get your email posts. Perhaps I will try on the blog site itself.

  2. All really good, but the first one was absolutely my favorite. What a great fake out 🙂

  3. All are great and the last is the best. As one who worked in marketing or with marketers during my forty year career, I know this…everything involves marketing..everything. And we can make it work for good or ill.

  4. Nr. 3 is heartbreaking, Nr. 1 shows us the child in everybody, the child who wants to play, dance….

  5. Hands down, the most effective and memorable is #3. Music, building the story with the cute child seemingly doing something mischievous, getting the sense that he may get in trouble, and ending with the bittersweet image that can’t help but tug at your heart. WOW.


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