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There are some days I’m SO proud to be in marketing…

video camera

A few minutes = some forever magic moments. Image courtesy of Alvimann, Morguefile.

I put out material regularly on Twitter, and I like to liven up my tweets now and then with images and videos. Today, I found some more gems of video storytelling that made me want to grab a camera and create my own! These ads are both hilarious and touching. Have fun watching.

Video #1: Disney plays some mind games with unsuspecting shoppers

Video #2: Coke’s Small World Machines video create human-to-human connections between India and Pakistan

Video #3: Technically, this is not an ad, but it’s still a beautifully crafted example of how video tells a powerful story. I’m tossing it in as a bonus for you video makers out there to inspire you.

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

YouTube video credits: Disney Parks, Coca-Cola and nvnkvr.



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