And Poldark gets ever closer…..

Cornwall coastline

The only Poldark character without an agent: the Cornish coastline. Think there are dastardly characters lurking in those caves? Image courtesy of alanmort, Morguefile.

Last week, I stumbled across a Sunday evening tweetchat with Irish actor Aidan Turner. Poldark, the Cornwall-based saga about a Revolutionary War hero created by author Winston Graham, is now airing on BBC TV but it’s going to be June 2015 before it airs in the United States.

Grrrr. I could watch it online, I suppose, but it’s more fun to wait and anticipate. (I’m SO envious of the U.K. viewers right now.)

It still feels a bit funny, having this kind of instant access to professional actors via Twitter. I found the tweetchat purely by accident when I logged onto Twitter that Sunday and noticed the hashtag #AskPoldark. As a fan, naturally I checked it out and discovered it was a live chat with Aidan Turner, who plays Ross Poldark.

(Mind you, if you look up Aidan online, spell the name correctly. There is a British actor, Aiden Turner, who is a soap opera actor and has appeared as a competitor on “Dancing with the Stars”. It’s easy to get them confused.)

Sadly, Aidan didn’t answer my question (what was the hardest task you had to accomplish during the filming of Poldark) but to be fair, he and BBC One were deluged with questions. Here’s some of the funniest:

Q: Did anything funny happen on set?

A: I once knocked myself out for 30 seconds while running to the playback monitor to see a take I’d done. AT

Q: What’s best for curls and volume, Demelza’s shampoo or a rinse in the sea? (Demelza is a feisty maid in the household and later — SPOILER ALERT!!! — his love interest.)

A: The Cornish wind and the rinse in the sea. AT

Q: Is Aidan aware that his hair has a following? #PoldarksHair (a reference to the tousled hairstyle of the character)

A: I am, yeah! It’s pretty hilarious. AT

There was the usual fangushing, but overall it was a hilarious tweetchat and revealed quite a bit about the actor as it did about the audience. He seems to be a levelheaded person with a sense of humor. Nice to know that.

Get ready, historical drama fans, only a little longer to wait! For a brief preview, see the video below. (I have GOT to get my hands on this song — so beautiful.) Video credit: TheFangirlPlace on YouTube.

Update 6/14/15: PBS now says that the show will air on June 21, 9 p.m.



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25 responses to “And Poldark gets ever closer…..

  1. I remember the original Poldark series; very enjoyable!

  2. I have a bunch of author contacts via Twitter, Facebook, and email. I get all fluttery when one answers me or says they like my review. Authors make my heart go pittipat 🙂 Actors are cool too.

    • I’ve had that experience a couple of times on my blog and on Twitter. So fun!

      I noticed also that someone called “Gigi & James Garner” liked a tweet I did regarding my book review of James Garner’s autobiography. I’m hoping it was the real Gigi (JG’s daughter — it wasn’t a verified account on Twitter, so I can’t be sure) and she read the nice comments from other bloggers about her dad. I like to think so, anyway.

  3. Never hear of Poldark but my goodness. I love me a good costume drama and all those smouldering looks and heaving bosoms and whatnot… looks like a gooder!

    • Oh, boy, are you in for a treat! I saw some bits of both the original Poldark and the new Poldark. I liked Aidan Turner in the Hobbit and in Being Human, so I’m interested to see what he does with a historical drama like this.

  4. It’s very popular here and there has been great interest in Aidan Turner; he apparently received many proposals of marriage during the web chat. Some of the interest rivals that shown for Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, remember the wet shirt scene!!

    • I saw that chat and saw the proposals from the other Twitter users. So hilarious — it was one of the most entertaining chats I’ve ever attended.

      I discovered that Robin Ellis has his own website on WP; you may want to have a look.

      I’m anxiously waiting for Poldark to show on U.S. television. It’s going to be fun watching the buzz grow — I hope it proves as popular with U.S. audiences as Downton Abbey did.

  5. Never heard of the show or the actor. Perhaps I should tune in. How did you learn about it since it isn’t being shown in the US yet?

    • Oh yes, you definitely SHOULD watch it. All the YouTube videos I’ve seen so far look promising.

      I’ve got a good story for you. I first came across Poldark when I was an exchange student in Germany (turns out those broadcasts were reruns). I only saw bits and pieces now and then on my host student’s TV, and I never learned the name of this miniseries. I left Germany still wondering about what this show was called.

      Fast forward to years later — I’m traveling around Cornwall with my British friends. I happened to spot the book by Robin Ellis (the original Ross) in a gift shop (Land’s End, I believe) and was thrilled to finally solve the mystery. I started thumbing through the book, loved his sense of humor and the behind-the-scenes stories, and snapped it up immediately. I still have it.

      I found out in October 2014 that they were doing a remake and did a blog post about it. I don’t recall exactly how I found out about the remake, but it had to be an online source since, as you say, it’s not on American television yet.

      I told Robin Ellis on his WordPress blog earlier today how much I was looking forward to seeing Poldark when it airs here in June. Bless that man; he was courteous enough to reply.

  6. When it arrives in the USA you won’t be disappointed. It’s fabulous! Great storytelling, excellent cast and, well… something for the ladies too. Mr. Darcy, eat your heart out.

    • Whoo-hoo! I’m so glad to know that.

      I’ve been busily telling people I know to watch it when it gets here in June. I think I’ve netted Aidan, Eleanor, Robin and the rest of the cast at least 10 more fans in the DC metro area.

  7. I’ve been enjoying it on Sunday nights here in the UK, the whole cast is great and they’re staying very loyal to the books, which are definitely worth a read. Nothing wrong with that Aidan Turner either.

    • I’ve been a fan of Aidan since he was in “Being Human” and the Hobbit movies. He’s a very talented actor capable of doing both drama and comedy roles, so I’m interested in seeing what he does with this role.

  8. I don’t like just any historical drama, but am intrigued with this one.

  9. There is definitely “Poldarksteria” over here, or should it be “Aidansteria”. We were in Truro (deepest Cornwall) on Saturday and the bookshop had huge piles of the Poldark books with a sign saying “each book comes with free Aidan Turner chest enhancers”! See this link for the effect these will have on any man:


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