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Firefighters always have the best stories


Firefighters doing what they do best. Image courtesy of dlogue, Morguefile.

Have you ever noticed that firefighters always seem to have the best work stories to tell?

One of my uncles and a family friend, BT, are retired firefighters. Both of them seem to be natural storytellers, and listening to what they’ve had to say can be either dramatic or hilarious, depending upon the incident.

My uncle once mentioned that he and a group went into one fire — if I recall correctly, it was a school — and the floor collapsed underneath them. Whoa. They got out okay, though.

BT had a funny story about the time that he was cooking pork chops in the firehouse and they got the call to go out to a domestic fire. BT was hungry so he got a napkin and took one of the pork chops with him. After they got to the scene, BT was taking the last bite or two when the captain came by and said, “Hey, where’d you get that pork chop?”

To tease the captain, BT said, “Oh, grabbed it off the stove in there.”

The captain exploded, “WHAT??!!! Why, you……” and began chasing him down the street. I can only imagine how hilarious it looked, the captain chasing BT with his pork chop. BT did relent later and explain that he brought it from the firehouse.

A friend of mine — an EMT — swears that firefighters are a little nutty. Here’s a fire and everyone is running out of a building, but firefighters go and run into the building.

I like our firefighters. They are good people doing a hard and dangerous job. Here’s to you, firefighters out there.

And now for the video that inspired today’s post: Check out this Chattanooga Fire Academy training video — it was part of a graduating video for the class of 2013. I love how it provides serious health information in such a funny way. Enjoy! (Video credit: CFDPRGUY, YouTube.)


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