Too many books in my house?

reading at beach

Okay, this is another good place to read but all of those rocks can NOT be comfortable. Image courtesy of MiranoConfagric, Morguefile.

Oh, help. My piles of books are getting out of control.

I have so many books in my place. There are historic books, cookbooks for when I feel like trying new recipes or old favorites, social media books, works of classic and non-classic fiction, souvenir books, mysteries, and books that were Christmas or birthday gifts.

Don’t even get me started on the library books I’ve checked out lately and the magazines I’ve received.

I think the books are giggling at me. New books sneak in at night like little literary ninjas, slipping through the doorway and joining the other piles of books.

I could be a Guinness Book of World Records contender for the world’s highest book pile. Although, maybe not, since Umberto Eco outranks me in sheer number of books owned by a single person.

Hey, maybe I could start my own bookmobile. Do they even have those anymore? I could buy some cheap clunker of a van, get some crates to act as shelves, and put in some soft, comfy chairs. I’d give my van plenty of bling, chocolate cupcakes and kittens. You can’t go wrong with kittens and chocolate. (Well, okay, there ARE allergies….)

It could be parked beside a lake or the Potomac River and would allow people to have a nice, relaxing place to read as they enjoyed the cupcakes and the antics of the cute kittens. I could take it anywhere they’d allow me to park. Heck, I’d even zoom over to Maryland or Delaware.

I could donate some of them, but I hate to have them leave the house forever. Some are so good, I don’t want to let them go. Those books look up at me so pleadingly, begging to stay.

I could have a book sale, again with kittens and chocolate. But again….pleading little literary faces.

Time to head for the store and get some shelf units, don’t you think?

Blog readers, ever run into difficulties in storing all your books? (Quit smirking, Kindle and Nook owners.)

Ah, well. When all else fails, just dance. That’s my philosophy.


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14 responses to “Too many books in my house?

  1. They breed in the night while we are not looking. I know this because it’s the only explanation how no matter how many books I give away, there are always too many to fit in the bookcases 😀

  2. Jaclyn

    Too many books? Nonsense! You can never have too many books! What you need is indeed more shelving. I am probably not helping.

  3. Recently my lovely wife and I decided that ENOUGH was ENOUGH and decided to ruthlessly purge our extended piles and shelves and boxes and crates and…well you know. Goodwill was the happy recipient of about seven boxes of hardcover and softcover books. Books we have not read and would not read, usually other people’s books either inherited or left behind after visits, book we would NEVER read again, so poorly written it is a wonder we got through them at all – or perhaps we didn’t.

    In any event we now miss those books, more than we can say. So purge carefully. Hold each book in your hand and ask, “Does this book inspire joy in me?” If the answer is no, you can safely discard it to your local library, or charitable institution. Someone may love it outside your home.

    PS – Putting your books in the van is just expanding your library to another “building” even if it IS on wheels.

    • Upon contemplation, I may ditch the minivan and get a retired school bus. Lots more room for sofas and stuff that way. Maybe even room for a tea and coffee counter. I’d need a generator for power, though.

  4. My books are all in boxes because they would take up every bit of space in my teensy-tiny apartment. So, of course, I checked out 19 library books to fill the void!

    I feel your pain, but having a physical reminder of stories that I love is priceless.

  5. A few years ago we carted dozens and dozens of grocery bags of books to Goodwill. After buying and reading a book on hoarding, I was determined to declutter my house. We recycled and burned magazines.

    I have three Kindles and two iPads, and hundreds of electronic books. But I have more hardcover books than ever stacked here and there. Plus bookcases in every room (7 in my study alone…and I mean big functional bookcases), as well as shelves and boxes of books in closets. My other obsession is cookbooks and pots and pans. And yarn….which I have stashed everywhere…she who dies with the most yarn wins,

    Its a sickness I think! Good luck

  6. Oh, I can relate! I had to take a deep breath and donate a ton of books to my local library for their book sale. Knowing that I was helping a worthy cause eased the pain. I kept only the precious few that would fit on a small bookshelf. When it gets full, it’s time to donate again. I think of it a recycling for charity. 🙂


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