Twitter adding important changes


The look you get from other Twitter users when you don’t show respect. Image courtesy of BryanHanson, Morguefile.

A little birdie told me that Twitter’s undergoing a few changes, and I’m glad to see it.

One change is that Twitter’s upgrading its policies to deal with abusive behavior. It’s an ongoing problem on social media platforms and it saddens me. One of my favorite writers has stopped posting to Twitter because people were giving him a hard time, which is not the experience that Twitter was intended to be for them or anyone else. It’s supposed to be a conversation between like-minded people.

I participated in a tweetchat once where we picked up someone who chose to put down the guest we were interviewing — a very talented and kind guest. This person thought that by provoking an argument, people would respond to the tweets from that account. Nope. Nobody wanted to play.

Funny — that same individual participated in another tweetchat later with a prominent guest. On that occasion, the participant was much more respectful. (I’m being fair — I looked at the tweets from that account and they weren’t all nasty.)

Another change — direct messages to individuals will be longer in the future. When I’m sending someone a private message on Twitter, it’s been necessary to keep it to 140 characters, just like a tweet. However, sometimes my message runs longer and I have to create several of them, which is time-consuming. Going above the 140-character limit on a DM will be so much nicer.

I have to wonder what that will mean for auto-generated DMs, which some accounts produce as soon as you follow them. Ugh. I’m not a fan of those either, so I delete them.

Just a little respect in social media. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask, don’t you think?



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12 responses to “Twitter adding important changes

  1. I don’t even Twitter simply because of the reason people tend to go for the quick mean on the fly because it’s so easy to do. I see nicer communiques with blogging, or maybe it’s because bloggers are nicer (?) Saw the Aretha vid yesterday and hooted. Good choice.

  2. Ah, interesting! I like these changes, especially the abusive behaviour issue – while I myself have been mostly lucky I do know others who have suffered deeply because of it (the closest I have had to abuse was some guy who told me I could not possibly be British AND Australian, despite me explaining how I had both passports and what not…at first I thought he was trolling me but after a while I realised he was just very simple and, unfortunately for him, argumentative (a bad combination)).
    Good to hear! And I agree, having respect for people, especially on a platform such as Twitter, should be and is easy. It’s disappointing when a few sad folk seem to think otherwise, but I think there are a lot of strong positive communities on there and I think slowly but surely those communities are winning out over the nasty muppets who try to ruin it. 😛

  3. Controlling the trolls an making private messages longer seem two changes in the right direction. I’ve already been seeing changes. I’m not a big twitter user, but so many people I know use it, I’ve had to at least get with the rudiments or look like an old fuddy-duddy 🙂

  4. Note: My D and my X are not doing well. Oof.


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