Poldark gets here in 3, 2, 1….

Clovelly in Cornwall

Ah Cornwall, I miss ya. Clovelly image courtesy of PhillWatson, Morguefile.

In case you missed my earlier post about Poldark, it’s coming to PBS next Sunday night.

FINALLY! *breathes sigh of relief*

For blog readers who haven’t been alerted to this series yet, “Poldark” is a historic miniseries based on a set of books by Winston Graham. Ross Poldark has fought in the American Revolutionary War, gets wounded and heads home after he recovers enough to travel. When he arrives in Cornwall, he finds out that his dad is dead, his love interest is marrying someone else (his cousin!) because she thought Ross was dead, and the family estate’s in ruins.

Some guys just can’t catch a break.

“Poldark” was a hit in the 1970s in the U.K., and I’m hoping to see the remake become equally popular among American audiences. My British blogger friends tell me that it’s done well over there, so we’ll see.

I have my popcorn and ice tea ready! Although if I were to pay proper tribute to the series, it should probably be a mug of hot tea, some McVitie’s chocolate-coated digestive biscuits, and a beef, onion and potato pasty (it’s roughly similar to a calzone or a pot pie without the pot).

Hmmm….there is a nearby shop run by some Brits that make that kind of pasty. I feel a road trip coming on…..

It has a talented cast: Aiden Turner as Ross Poldark and Elinor Thomlinson as Demelza Carne (you’ll understand who she is after seeing it).

Heck, I’d watch it for the scenery alone. Cornwall has some truly gorgeous landscapes.

Anybody else planning to tune in?

Here are a couple of “Poldark” videos for your enjoyment, courtesy of The BBC Fangirl, YouTube. (Warning! Spoilers!)

Demelza and Ross kidding around with each other

Demelza stressing out over an imminent visit by Ross’s cousin Verity and some comic relief



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12 responses to “Poldark gets here in 3, 2, 1….

  1. Watched it over here in Lancashire, North West England. The big talking ;point was whether Ross Poldark was scything the wheat correctly, I wouldn’t know, I didn’t notice anything else once he took his shirt off. It was a great series

  2. English historical series are always on my TBV list.

  3. Poldark is on our list! Looking forward to seeing it! Don’t be going round to no foreign shoppes. Make your own Pasties! http://allrecipes.com/recipe/cornish-pasty/

  4. Sounds good! We’ll give it a try. There’s so little one these days, we certainly have time in our schedule. Thanks.

  5. A great story, seasoned with a stunning backdrop and garnished with a massive serving of eye-candy. Don’t miss it!

  6. In answer to your question – I am now! Thanks for the recommendation.


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