Storytelling for kids: Rossini’s Ghost and other marvels


Bet you Monet would’ve had fun with these waterlilies! Image courtesy of mrmac04, Morguefile.

I’ve been relieving a bit of my video childhood thanks to YouTube.  Way back when, Devine Entertainment created a bit of divine entertainment by creating a series of short movies about famous artists, musicians and scientists. Out of curiosity, I checked around to see if any of them still exist on YouTube.


Most of these videos featured actors who weren’t particularly well-known but they were fun to watch anyway. The point of the stories was to help kids in the 7 to 14 age bracket to understand the significance of these famous people in a way that made sense to children. Kids got their entertainment as well as their education.

Watch the following videos from Devine. You may see a familiar face or two….

Rossini’s Ghost

Mary Cassatt, American Impressionist

Monet: Shadow and Light (P.S. Hold on to the end — you’ll love the punchline!)


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