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Top 10 book-related gifts for the holidays

kitty and book

Ooooooh. Can my next book PLEASE come with one of these? Image courtesy of deemac1, Morguefile.

I don’t know what it is lately, but I keep seeing these funky gifts that somehow relate to books. Maybe it’s the imminent appearance of the busiest shopping day of the year this Friday, or maybe not. So for your amusement today, I’m compiling a list of the most unique gifts that have a book-related theme. Who knows — maybe somebody might get inspired if they can’t figure out what to buy for a friend, coworker, or family member.

(And no, I am NOT being paid to promote the items mentioned below. I’m just sharing some fun findings with you.)

Book-themed plates: Amazon has a series of square plates that are shaped like open books. Sadly, they are out of stock at the moment of this blog post publication, but wouldn’t they be PERFECT for a literary dinner?

Book-shaped end table: JCPenney has a coffee table shaped like a stack of books. If I had more space at my place, I’d have this one in a heartbeat. And it even has a drawer for your remote controls.

Chairs with built-in book shelves: I keep seeing this chair with several built-in bookshelves on other blogs and in my Facebook. Is Fate trying to tell me something?

Pride and Prejudice book pillow: It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am seriously in want with this pillow designed to resemble the cover of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, sold on Etsy. *wistful sigh*

Book earrings: Earrings that look like a row of vintage books, from Etsy. Oh, yeah. *sighs again*

Book pendants: I found book-shaped pendants on Etsy, too. Gimme, gimme.

Book-themed phone covers: Courtesy of Ebookfriendly, I found some book-themed smartphone covers and skins.

Coffee mugs and saucers with book themes: Gone Reading has some very interesting themed cups and saucers for your next book club meeting.

Book laptop cover: Newegg has a book cover that fits over a laptop. Wow.

Book coasters: Zazzle made coasters that look like books. These are SO me.

My personal wish is for a Dorian Gray mug. Ever heard of those coffee mugs where an image on the outside of the mug changes when a hot liquid is poured into the cup? Oscar Wilde fans, it would be fun to have an mug featuring a picture of Dorian Gray that would change from young to old Gray when somebody put coffee or tea into the mug. It hasn’t been invented yet, but I can dream. That type of mug would be seriously cool.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Eat lots and be safe.



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