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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ads…


Got your Christmas shopping done yet? Poinsettia image courtesy of MGDBoston, Morguefile.

And here we go again. Pretty soon the weather will be frightful and fires will be delightful. I’ll pull out my trusty snow shovel and clean off the deck and driveway. If there’s enough snow, I’d like to make a mini igloo. I think my neighbor’s cats would get a kick out of it.

I heard a Christmas song on the radio the other day. “REALLY?” I thought. “We’re not even past Thanksgiving yet.”

But I do have to admit, I like all the beautiful colors of Christmas, the lights, the movies, the music. My church gets all decorated up for Christmas with white and red poinsettias in the church windows and garlands draped around the choir balcony. We already have a couple of Christmas trees set up in our parish hall, decorated with a beach theme this year.

Another thing to look forward to is WestJet’s Christmas video. WestJet is a Canadian airline that is known for creating highly imaginative and humorous videos.

But WestJet has SERIOUS competition from two other companies this year. John Lewis and Sainsbury’s have created some genius ads. WestJet, you’re gonna have to up your game this year. Be warned! (Just teasing, WestJetters.)

Great ads like these are what make me proud to be in marketing. I love videography and hope to make my own videos like this someday.

And for the cat lovers:


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