Hanging with the CG Bros on YouTube

snow covered mailboxes

How I feel at the prospect of more snow. Image courtesy of Beau Bergeron, Morguefile.

Life’s been interesting for the Editor lately. First, there was Snowmageddon 2016, which completely brought most of the DC metro area to a standstill. Stores sold out of bread, milk and TP. The supply of alcohol shrank (but that didn’t bother me much since my beverage of choice is ice tea or Diet Pepsi). Drifts completely buried my vehicle and most other vehicles in my neighborhood. Oh, the horror!

Following one of the worst storms ever, I promptly acquired the world’s worst cold. It’s taken me weeks to shake off the dratted thing. Do humanity a favor. If you pick up this cold, have mercy on your fellow Earthlings and STAY HOME.

Fortunately, there was civilization:  TV, Facebook and YouTube. There were the Property Brothers, who are always good for a giggle. I love their sense of humor and sibling rivalry. Facebook kept me up to date on the snow removal from my friends.

On YouTube, I discovered some tasty animation to while away my recovery time. A lot of what I watched was from the CG Bros channel. The CG Bros are a California-based company specializing in CGI and digital art creation.

I’m envious of their artistry. “Man, I wish I could create that.”

If you ever need a five-minute break from reality, I recommend them. There were two films I particularly enjoyed: “Soar” and “Canned”. See below — you won’t be disappointed.



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9 responses to “Hanging with the CG Bros on YouTube

  1. I feel your reluctance of snow. We have had multiple rainy days which has melted the snow banks. It’s so odd to see grass in February. I’m not complaining though!

  2. I love “bad” weather! There are so many great things you can do while inside and you don’t feel guilty! 🙂

  3. bobmielke

    This being my first year living in New England I’ve been spared the record snowfall and cold from last year. We had an exceptionally mild Winter, with a record number of days over 50. Hang in there and this Winter will just be a conversation piece in years to come. “Remember the blizzards of ’78”?

    • Good point, Bob. This was definitely one of the more interesting storms. I can’t remember the last time that there was a state of emergency declared for a snowstorm, as they did for this one.

      • bobmielke

        Snow, especially heavy wet snow, can bring down trees and powerlines, cars and people. We lost two here locally to just that.

  4. Our 35 inches was one of the highest totals around in that storm, and the ground is still soaked from the meltwater! And a possibility of some wet snow tonight? Please, no! Let’s hope those 70s they’re talking about for next week really do happen.

    Knock on wood, I’ve avoided colds and the flu this winter. I hope you’re feeling better now and can enjoy the upcoming blast of Spring. 🙂


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