Little Fitbit, you crack me up!

country sunrise

Sunrise shot captured while walking with my Fitbit. Image: Blogger’s own.

Lately, I’ve been doing some walking. A WHOLE lot of walking.

I’m participating in this contest where I’ve pledged to walk a certain amount of steps each day. It sounded like fun to participate, plus it would be a regular way to get exercise and challenge my limits.

I track my progress through a Fitbit, which I wear on one wrist. Mine is a purple Charge HR, which I was able to afford thanks to an Amazon sale and a VERY generous birthday gift card from a high school friend.

My Fitbit shows me the number of steps I’ve done, distance traveled, heart rate, steps climbed, calories burned, etc. I’m required to do about 8,000 steps per day, but I’m nutty enough to want to try more. I do about 30,000 steps a day, on average. (That’s about 5 hours of walking every day, fitted around the other activities of my day.)

Somebody at Fitbit is a comic genius, though. The Fitbit is recharged through the use of a power cord that plugs into a computer, and I get a motivational message in the Fitbit’s little window after I unplug the Fitbit. I don’t know who at Fitbit thought of this feature, but I’m loving it.

My Fitbit has quite the personality. It seems well-traveled; it’s told me “BONJOUR” and “VAMANOS”. It’s also asked for a hug (“HUG ME”) and given me “SMOOCHES” twice.

It’s also told me “YOU ROCK” and called me a “STEPGEEK”. I’m choosing to be flattered by that.

Other times, my Fitbit grows stern about me exercising. I’ve received “LETS GO”, “ITS ON” and “MOVE IT”. (I swear, this Fitbit is so strict, it ranks up there with the personal trainers at my gym!)

But the funniest story involving the Fitbit concerns one particularly long day of walking. I did a huge number of steps one day just to see if I could, using a local shopping mall and my gym after the mall closed for the day. And the message I got from my Fitbit the next day? “STEP IT UP.”

Seriously, little Fitbit? Over 51,000 steps in one day was not enough for you??!!??

The Fitbit has also led to some adventures. I’ve gotten some beautiful photos while walking along some roads and watched an entire day at a shopping mall from its initial wake-up to its closing.


A walking path I’ve used with my Fitbit. Gorgeous flowers! Image: Blogger’s own.

I’ve used it at my gym, walking laps around one large room to finish off my steps for the day. One evening, a young guy came in to work on some dance steps. He was into swing music and played Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and other people like that, which was an interesting change from the usual music on my iPod. We had a great time chatting about the classics.

But the real magic of the Fitbit is that it makes me want to exercise and push my workout just a little farther. (“Oh, just 220 more steps to go to reach today’s goal…okay…I can do that.”) I call this state of mind “Fitbit-itis” and it seems to affect other exercisers I know as well.

I like the Fitbit blog, too. Fitbit has a well-written blog with good health and fitness tips, if you care to read it.

After the contest is over, I’m taking a few days to rest (!) and then I’ll have to figure out other ways to challenge myself. Some of my walks have approached marathon territory, so maybe I can find some competition where I could just walk. Or I could participate in a Relay for Life. Any suggestions, blog readers?

We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.


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21 responses to “Little Fitbit, you crack me up!

  1. Relay for Life is a great experience! I did one inside a high school and it was wonderful to be surrounded with people with good spirits, music, etc. Definitely worth it! Great job with the walking! I think Step It Up may be more of a confidence booster. That’s so awesome! 😄👍

  2. A student left a FitBit and no one claimed it. Someone in the cyberworld said there is a way of returning these to owner since they are individualized. Considering the rapport you have established with yours I can see that.

  3. I love my Fitbit hr! I haven’t participated in a challenge with others, but in the six months since I started using it, I’ve aimed for a higher average daily goal each month. That keeps me motivated to keep going even when I have a less active day because of travel or illness or whatever because I HAVE to make up for it. I’ve never had a 51,000 step day (!), but I have been a lot more cosistently active since putting that demanding little thing on my wrist.

  4. I didn’t know Mr. Fitbit was so cheeky. I have a friend who will walk circles around her house is she is just a tad shy of her daily goal. I guess it really does motivate!

  5. This is one of those cute little toys i wish I could afford.

  6. Now that’s a chatty little thing. I like walking – but it’s summer and almost 100 here now…even the dog has to be shoved outside periodically. Guess it’s time to get on the treadmill. Exercise does make you feel better and more energetic. Keep moving

  7. bobmielke

    Your walking challenge reminded me of one I accepted from my employer, Intel Corp. while working in one of their fabs. It was called the 10,000 steps a day challenge. They gave all who participate a pedometer to strap to their ankle to see how far we actually walked doing our jobs. I was blown away after the first few days while checking the results. I had walked over 10x their 10,000 steps on each of the three days I wore the device, without even trying.

    My job had me on my feet 12 hours a day with no place to sit unless I was outside the fab on break or lunch. While inside I was in constant motion. Now retired, I wonder how far I walk to the refrigerator to my “man” chair every day? 🙂


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