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Some more visual treats from YouTube


Happy Valentine’s Day, blogosphere. (Yes, I’m early.) Image courtesy of Jamie Street, Unsplash.

Hi peeps. I have a lot of homework this week (!), but I’m sneaking in a brief bit of time to show you some visual treats I found on YouTube.

I love how creative people get with their videos over there, and here are two particularly good examples. The first one is the 2018 song “Obsession” by an American band called OK Go. The amount of paper used in mind-boggling, but they’ve found super-clever and cool ways to incorporate it into the video. (Video credit: OK Go, YouTube).

The other video is a video from a group of creators called So Yummy (yes, they have a channel, too). They are particularly good at visual storytelling — you see a set of ingredients being put together and wonder what it’s all about. Later on, they give you the payoff by showing you what they create.

Foodies, be warned. This creator is particularly addictive. I think I’ve seen just about everything they’ve published. (Stop drooling, foodies. Your feet will get wet.)

(Video credit: So Yummy, YouTube.)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I hope it’s a good one for you.



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