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Photographing your life: not as easy as it seems

flower English garden

Rhododendron from an English garden. Taken in the pouring rain! Photo credit: Blogger’s own.

I love photography because you get to freeze an interesting moment in time and preserve it. Since I’m a storyteller at heart and by profession, photography is a wonderful accompaniment to whatever story I relay to my readers. And if it’s a particularly good photograph, a photo tells its own story without the need for me to explain it.

But I’m not content just to take a photograph — I want to take good photographs. I’m forever experimenting and searching for books that contain photography tips that I can use to further improve my photographs and make them more evocative.

Nick Kelsh’s How to Photograph Your Life: Capturing Everyday Moments with Your Camera and Your Heart is one such book. Nick Kelsh is an award-winning photographer who has been featured in multiple magazines and books, and he’s written several books of his own about photography.

What I like about the Photograph Your Life book is that it’s packed with tons of useful tips. Some pages also have examples of good/bad photographs, so you can immediately understand the principle under discussion and what a difference it makes when lighting, positioning or something else is adjusted.

Also, all of the tips are explained clearly. It’s a very user-friendly book.

So if you’re an amateur who just wants to create the best photographs possible, this book is a great choice. I highly recommend it.



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