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It’s all in the blogging family

Family picnic shelter

OK, so this isn’t the family picnic shelter we use, but the view is pretty close! And wouldn’t it be fun to have a blog family picnic here? Image courtesy of earl53, Morguefile.

In my family, we’re a sassy bunch. My dad’s side of the family has an annual fall picnic where members of the entire clan get together at a picnic place in the Shenandoah Valley, eat lots of scrumptious food (including green beans — my sib and I have a running joke about this, that somebody always brings green beans) and catch up on each other’s news. There is also the occasional mystery to be solved when I see a third cousin I don’t recognize (“Okay, now whose kid is that?”) since somebody’s appearance may have changed during the last get-together. We also have the occasional dog running around; one of my cousins recently acquired a hyper but very cute puppy.

Often, there’s a hilarious volleyball game going on, too. The ball whizzes back and forth over the net, occasionally dropping straight to the ground when everybody thinks someone else is going to hit the ball back to the other side and no one moves. (I call this IVP — Instant Volleyball Paralysis.)

But there’s also a lot of sassing that goes on during the game:



“Oh, come ON! That was IN!”

“You need to eat more carrots or get a better eye doctor! That was way OUT, cuz!”

I admire a good sassy person, especially in a blogger. One of the two reasons that I read the blog Pouring My Art Out is because Art is both sassy and funny. But Art’s commenters such as El Guapo, Hotspur and Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge are also funny; there’s an entertaining one-upmanship contest constantly going on with the commenters and Art trying to outwit each other. (The other reason I read Art: the man is a genius with Photoshop.)

The “blog family” vibe varies from one blog to another, I’ve noticed. At the blogs of Servetus and RAFrenzy, devoted to talented British actor Richard Armitage, there’s a lot of RA analysis going on, interspersed with the occasional real-life story of the blogger.  With other blogs, we’re lost in admiration of gorgeous photos, cute kids or luscious food.

But I think the funniest blog experience I’ve had to date is with bloggers Robin Coyle and LouAnn, who planned and held a “blog party” and invited others to comment. It got all sorts of wacky comments and even a song video by blogger Vanessa Chapman.

I’m fascinated by the comments that I get from my own blog family because people from all over the world take the time to say something. I learn something new from them just about every week, and people share their knowledge, personal tastes or life experiences with me. And how amazing is that?



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