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Two WordPress bloggers meet, at last!


One type of flower that you’ll see around campus. Image courtesy of Jessica Gale, Morguefile.

I’ve got SUCH a great story for you all today.

One of the side benefits of blogging is the development of online friendships with other bloggers. I have a certain number of people who I consider my WordPress “blog family” — people who regularly visit my blog, read through my posts, and contribute humorous or thought-provoking comments.

There’s one particular blogger I’ve tried to meet face-to-face for two years, but things kept happening. G works for a school that I know very well and I noticed her blog a long time ago, so I started following it and vice versa.

After a while, we made plans to meet. We live a considerable distance apart, so meeting in person was not easy.

The first time we tried? Snowstorm. Roads were snowed over everywhere and travel was not advisable. Call me crazy, but doing a 360-degree skid in the middle of a busy interstate highway is not my idea of fun.

Second time? Something came up at the last minute on G’s side, so we had to postpone.

Third time, it happened. I was running an errand in a town relatively close to G’s school and would be in the area, so we arranged to meet on campus. The idea was that we would roam around so I could see the new buildings that had been added since my time there.

We had a blast walking around campus and chattering away. The conversation didn’t lag once. I told amusing stories of my time in town, and it turned out that we knew several of the same people.

One really funny story concerns my sib and niece. We’d gone to the school for a Christmas concert and my niece was a toddler at the time. At one point, my sib went with the other alumni to the stage to sing and my niece was having a Velcro day (feeling clingy). She put up a fuss (think: major meltdown), loud enough to be heard by everyone, when her parent walked away. As I hastily gathered up our belongings to make a quick exit to the hallway, the conductor stopped, turned around and said, “Right pitch — wrong age!” which caused the entire auditorium to erupt in laughter.

Seeing everything that had been added to the school fascinated me. Buildings were remodeled, spectacular new buildings such as a performing arts center and a second library had been added, and there seemed to be HUGE picture windows everywhere to take advantage of the gorgeous views. There is plenty of beautiful landscaping, outdoor places to relax and enjoy the good weather, and Starbucks galore. Mind. Completely. Blown.

I loved one technology addition — the public charging stations. Students can easily recharge their tablets, laptops and smartphones by hooking them into the charging station and waiting until the recharging process is complete.

(Did I mention the Starbucks galore?)

G was the perfect tour guide — she knows the school and the town well. We spent three hours walking around until G had to leave for an appointment. I spent the rest of the time exploring the new two-level, drool-worthy bookstore (it would make Barnes & Noble cry), buying a souvenir mug with the school’s logo and checking out the remodeled interiors of other buildings that I regularly used when I went to the school.

(You’re sure I mentioned the Starbucks galore? Hahaha.)

So much has changed but there is a lot that is still recognizable. Progress is continuing; there is more construction going on. The student population has doubled. The school is greener, too — there are recycling bins all over the place.

It was a fun trip and I am so glad I went. Thanks, G, for an amazing day.


A view of the “new” part of campus. Image courtesy of my blogger friend, G.


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