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Short or long blog posts: Which do you prefer to read?

tablet computer

Tablets: Not just for paper anymore. Image courtesy of DTL, Morguefile.

So I’m talking to a marketing friend of mine the other day and we discussed the ideal length of a blog post. At this time, search engines such as Google favor long-form blog posts of 1,200 to 2,000 words. That’s not the only requirement, though — getting your blog post found involves several SEO (search engine optimization) techniques such as interesting content, hyperlinks, proper keywords in your blog post title and paragraphs, and properly labeling your photographs. SEO undergoes regular changes and you have to keep on top of those changes since they affect where your website/blog post is found on the search engine results page.

Although it’s a good thing for your blog post to be picked up by search engines, I wonder how much of the longer blog posts actually get read from top to bottom in today’s fast-paced society. As far as my personal blog is concerned, I like to keep them short since I know my readers have lives outside of social media. (GASP! Really??!!)

I consider it a gift when someone takes a few minutes of their time to read what I’ve created and to watch any video I add to the post. (Bonus points if they comment and extra bonus points if a thought-provoking discussion gets going between me and the readers!)

It depends upon the story I tell. I use as many words as I need. If the story gets seriously long, then I think about breaking it up into two posts.

There’s the mobile users to consider. According to a recent article by Smart Insights, 91% of people use their laptops or PCs to do searches, 80% use a smartphone and 47% use a tablet. Since smartphone screens are so small, that’s a lot of scrolling for the longer blog posts.

I’ll read long blog posts — business or personal — if I’m interested enough in the topic. It’s the headline that hooks me first; sometimes the art helps draw me in. A funny or entertaining video helps too.

I’m curious, my readers: Do you like the short posts or the long posts, or does your preference vary according to circumstances? What pulls you in — some art, a search for that topic, a video? Let’s talk about it.


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