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Fourth blogoversary: Thankfulness

blogoversary candles

Another blogoversary reached! Image courtesy of supafine, Morguefile.

Yesterday, I celebrated my fourth blogoversary in the blogging world. How time flies!

The third year, I’m told, is a dangerous one for some bloggers. At that point, they decide that it’s too much work to keep up the blog or real life’s activities interfere, causing a shortage of time to blog. I had some of that this year — in addition to losing my best friend last February, there were other funerals to attend this year of people I knew and liked. It got difficult to come up with new topics and fresh viewpoints when I was just not in the mood to write.

But the year wasn’t all bad, either. I visited some new places, acquired some new skills, and achieved a goal that I’d been seeking for a long, long time. (Sorry, that’s as specific as I want to get.) Reaching this goal involved a lot of effort, despair and frustration, but it eventually led to joy and contentment.

During the path to that goal, blogging and chatting with my blog readers proved enormously helpful. Trading viewpoints on the human experience, debating the rights or wrongs of a situation, and enthusing about a story or author we both like helped restore my spirit, maintain the drive I needed and gave me a lot of good giggles on those days when I felt in need of cheering up. Your wit, your wisdom, and your willingness to share bits of your lives and experience is a constant fascination to me, especially since it comes from people all over the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

To my faithful readers and commenters (Marilyn, Diann, Philosopher Mouse, Jools, Jaclyn, Ray, Lorna, Grahammb, Kunstkitchen, Herba, JM McDowell, Liam, Servetus, RAFrenzy, and many others): Thank you for sticking around. This year, I’m working on adding more of my own photography to the blog and I have some great new books I’ve been longing to blog about. There are still some topics that I want to discuss in the blog as well, so stay tuned for an interesting year!

To the followers who joined me this year: Thanks to you too for following me. Yes, I noticed when you started following me and it’s much appreciated.

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope 2016 brings you lots of contentment, fun times and humor.

Let’s party! (Video credit: Kanál uživatele VinnmauS, YouTube.)


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